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If possible, also compare the stereo mix on the Blu-ray to the LP in those same places. It would be interesting.
I have compared the LP or vinyl to the Blu-ray and my opinion is that the Blu-ray in stereo sounds better than the LP. I felt the two channel DTS sound with its sampling rate of 192/24 PCM had a warmer sound. The LP was much louder with slightly less bass.
I totally forgot that these guys actually SING in most of their songs. Pick Up the Pieces barely has vocals and, of course, this was their hot song that we all likely heard on the radio at some point in our lives. That being said, I really enjoyed the rest of the album, too, but PUtP is absolutely stunning! The surround is spectacular and could absolutely be used to show friends what surround can do. I highly recommend playing PUtP as a demo tune. A total 10 for me.