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Backup your music files

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Sonik Wiz

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You can move a set of RAID drives to a new NAS and they will be recognised in the new NAS, although this may only work if your two NAS are from same manufacturer. NASs typically use Linux. A single disc from a RAID 5 can’t be read as a stand-alone drive, it needs at to be part of the original RAID set. For RAID 5, 2 of the 3 drives must be good (I.e 1 drive can fail and all data can be read ok)

You can backup Kodi and JRiver databases and settings. This is all metadata. You need to make your own backups of your actual media files, artwork etc. That’s pretty easy, just have external USB drives or external hard drives using a USB caddy style drive holder.
Thankis for the info, I didn't realize Genestl asked the same question earlier about switching drives like I did. Good to know.


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Just all sounds like some far off obscure foreign language to me :cautious:
Jottacloud: Reasonably-priced and so far reliable (if quirky) cloud backup service in Norway. https://www.jottacloud.com/en/

rclone: Command-line tool that works much like rsync and is used for synchronizing source and backup data. Where rsync is only for use with local drives, rclone has the ability to back up to a surprisingly large list of cloud providers. Amazon used to be one of them but, being Amazon, they decided to disallow it. https://rclone.org/
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