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Mar 2, 2002
Please post your thoughts and comments on this special 30th Anniversary release that comes with a DTS Audio DVD.

Here's some info on it from the camino web site:

Esoteric Recordings release 30th Anniversary editions of the album “A Curious Feeling” by Genesis founder member and keyboard player Tony Banks

This is the Limited 2 Disc Deluxe Edition (with surround sound mix & promotional videos on DVD, plus custom book-style packaging)

This classic album, inspired by the novel “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, was first released in October 1979 by Charisma Records

Recorded at Polar Studios in Stockholm whilst Genesis were on a brief hiatus following the “And Then There Were Three” tour, this majestic work features contributions from drummer Chester Thompson (Genesis' live drummer) and vocalist Kim Beacon

Stylistically the album is equal to anything Banks composed for Genesis and includes the evocative instrumental “The Waters of Lethe” and the song “For a While” (released as a single in 1979 - now also issued as a Download single via iTunes on October 19th) among its highlights

Significantly, this new edition of “A Curious Feeling” has been remixed from the original master tapes by Nick Davis (who also remixed the entire Genesis catalogue in 2007) and Tony Banks, resulting in a more dynamic sounding album

Housed in custom book-style packaging with stapled in book and pockets - includes liner notes by Tony Banks

In addition, a new 5.1 Surround Sound mix has also been prepared which is included along with the rare promotional videos of “For a While” and “The Waters of Lethe” made in 1979

A top thirty hit album upon its release, these editions of “A Curious Feeling” are the definitive statements on this classic album
Track List
From the Undertow
Lucky Me
The Lie
After the Lie
A Curious Feeling
Forever Morning
Somebody Else’s Dream
The Waters of Lethe
For a While
In the Dark

- 5.1 Surround Sound mix of “A Curious Feeling”
- Promotional films: “For a While” & “The Waters of Lethe”


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Tony Banks - A Curious Feeling (30th Anniversary Special Edition CD/DVD) on Esoteric Recordings

Keywords: Sweeping, majestic, introspective, romantic, pastoral

The Camino Records promotional summary above spells out most of the details including where this album fits into the Genesis album release history. Similar to the way Steve Hackett's solo album (1975's Voyage Of The Acolyte) was used to bridge a band gap where an uncertain Genesis deliberated their future after Peter Gabriel's departure, A Curious Feeling bought Phil Collins time to work out his marriage issues.

This surely gave Tony an outlet for some fine material that sounds much like Genesis at times but remains keenly personal. ACF moves effortlessly from quiet introspective spooky passages to powerful exciting interplay or even bar room swagger if need be. Remember when people really made albums? The sequencing here keeps up a dramatic yet balanced sequence between haunting instrumentals with Kim Beacon (String Driven Thing) handling vocals and I can't imagine anyone doing a finer job with this material. Genesis touring drummer Chester Thompson displays both intensity and sensitivity throughout the album tracks he contrinutes to. Tony has been playing 12 string guitar at various times within the Genesis framework since their inception; what's new here is the electric guitar and bass parts he plays. The electric guitar parts hint at what Steve Hackett might have done in unison but are perhaps simpler in design and execution. The bass guitar parts are fairly light, treated as a secondary concern in light of all the keyboards in prominence here. As a bass player, I'm continually surprised at the notes he does play here and what he achieves with them. All in all an amazing album results from the arranging smarts that Tony has always exhibited.

If you are familiar with this album, the 2009 remaster respects the original sound while upping the quality & definition in several rewarding ways. The clarity is improved where it seemed just a tad muddy in places, the vocals and drums benefiting the most to me. For reference, I have listened to the 5.1 surround mix DVD at least 6 times, the stereo CD 3 times, iTunes of the original 1989 CD tracks and new 2009 tracks, so I have tried to make sure that I've not overstated the quality of the new remastered remixed version. At the iTunes (320 kbps) level, the two versions are very close; this means you will notice that which has been changed in the 2009 remix. These are secondary sounds like glockenspiel, percussion and other incidental parts that distinguish the tunes, giving them additional character. Here they appear to be mixed higher or EQ'd differently than the original version.

The stereo CD was played through two speakers and also in 5 channel stereo (2.0 stereo fed to five speakers) and it was a joy to hear. But the really thrill is finally hearing a true 5.1 mix of this personal favorite after all these years. On the big songs, especially 'You' and 'The Waters Of Lethe' it's like the difference of looking at a high resolution picture of the Grand Canyon versus being there in a plane and soaring over canyon itself. This is a DTS surround mix on par with the DTS 5.1 mixes of the Genesis catalog albums, also prepared by Nick Davis. It's not perfect and I imaging Tony needs a little coaxing to take chances with each song's mix personality but it's very enjoyable. I do like it better with the rear channels turned up a tad; the bass energy out of the subs is loud and clear when it needs to be, providing an exquisite foundation that was not possible to fully reproduced back in the day. The planned SACD would have been great but this DTS disc is the next best thing.

Please not that this release was an on again off again affair for the past couple of years as to if we were ever going to get the 5.1 surround version. In case you hadn't noticed, the label backing for these surround releases has thinned to the true diehards who can pull it off albeit at a boutique label level. So the bad news that you are very unlikely to find the CD/DVD as a domestic release, unless a deal has been struck that I'm unaware of. Esoteric Recordings have done a fine job of packaging the two discs in a book form that includes a 22 page booklet of rare photos taken form the time the album was recorded and released in 1979. There are many facts I never knew this recording until reading Tony's account included here. As a bonus, two promotional videos have been included on the DVD. 'For A While' features Kim Beacon with Tony in a sing along visual format, while the swirling forest footage behind Tony during 'The Waters Of Lethe' reminds you of the powerful music he wrote for Wind & Wuthering. This import was about $34 with the UK shipping and worth every penny to me.

If you like Genesis and are not familar with the album, check out a few tracks from Amazon or anyone selling the 2009 remastered CD only and see what you missed.

I hope this release does well and that perhaps the other great Genesis solo album of 1979, Michael Rutherford's Smallcreep's Day could be issued in the same format. Can't help but wonder if Mike and Nick Davis ever discussed the possibilities; I'll keep my fingures crossed. Now to unearth any additional Kim Beacon material I can find....sadly he's no loger with us as Tony discovered in putting this release together.

ADDENDUM: Tony reveals that track 1 'From The Undertow' is related to 'Undertow' (track 2) from Genesis - And Then There Were Three. Given this information I took both tracks and cross-faded them in Sound Forge for grins! It's by no means a perfect match but it gets one to thinking.....:) If you're curious to hear that drop me a PM.
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I really like this album! Nice 5.1 mix,good music and I think he sings very well,too. Gave it 9,would have been a 10 had it been DVD-A or SACD.

Watch out, Tony Banks doesn't sing in this release ! :) The singer is the late Kim Beacon, Tony sang in his next album, "The Fugitive" (which I'd like to hear in surround too, by the way).

I can't praise enough about this album which is a quintessential melodic rock release full of great melodies and heavenly harmonies. The surround is exactly alike WInd & Wuthering, Duke and ATTWT surround mixes, pure Nick Davis. If you like the former three, you'll love Curious Feeling. Otherwise...

Besides, there's no need for surround to appreciate this album. In mono broadcasted on your AM radio, it would still be a masterpîece.
This is quite a good album, in My humble Opinion better than Genesis of teh period, and the Surround mix is much better that the genesis remixes of this period.

This one is one of those Glad i got this albums prior to this i ahd not heard the album.

Its a shame that its not a full DVDA for that reason it looses a point.

Very good and recommended, buy it quick before its gone.
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This has been deleted and i bet a lot of us missed this. Prices have gone to the moon, can someone help bring them back to earth with noidy help for us souls who did miss this title?
They will not ship to the states! Can i get someone to grab me one and i will paypal them??
Play e-mailed me and said they couldn't ship to the states, so I'd be glad to Paypal to get a copy sent to the US as well if anyone can help me out. Thanks in advance!
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