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Rate the DTS DVD-V of Barclay James Harvest - "Gone to Earth"

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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2016 reissue of the Barclay James Harvest album "Gone to Earth".
This new package from Esoteric Records features a 5.1 surround mix of the album on DVD-V (NOT DVD-A/V as is erroneously labeled on the packaging...) :rolleyes:

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I voted 8

Another tasteful mix for another pleasant album from the band. I'll admit this is not my favorite album of theirs but there's still some very enjoyable music to be found. The tapes are also in good shape for this one with excellent fidelity.

The song Friends of Mine could have fitted nicely on an America album as it sounds a lot like them.

My favourite track here is Poor Man's Moody Blues. The subtle mix actually benefits and enhances the song's mood. I love the backing vocals in the rear speakers. The lead vocal delivery is purposely made to sound like Justin Hayward and I think it's a nice touch that adds to the irony of the song title.

Fave tracks

Poor Man's Moody Blues
Sea of Tranquility
Taking Me Higher (which sounds like an unfinished Beach Boys song)

Once again (pun unintended) I wish more people here had yaken some time to share their thoughts on this release.
I also give it an 8. Really some interesting tunes in this collection. That song Poor Man’s Moody Blues, it’s NIWS but it is also not. Like a Neil Innes Ruttles song, only more grandiose.

The mastering has a bit more sizzle than I prefer.