bartman Goodbye Cruel World dvd-a/v new album in 2018


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Robert van Diggele

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Apr 12, 2009
Woerden, The Netherlands
Hi all,

Yesterday Torsten sent out an email announcing his new album Goodbye Cruel World, to be released in early 2018. As most of you know, Torsten is a member here and has released a string of albums in surround. This will be the new one.

1. Intro
2. The Cruel World
3. Unattainable Love
4. Goodbye Cruel World Part 1,2,3
5. Forgotten Tears
6. The Insurrection
7. Goodbye Cruel World Part 4,5,6
8. The Victory
9. The End Of Cruel World

Musik, Text (3,5,9), Guitars, Keyboards,Orchestra-
Arrangements, Vocals, Choir: Torsten Bartkowiak
Text (3) & Drums: Joe Wallace

Kleinserie mit Digipack
DVD-Audio: MLP 96/24
DVD-Video: DTS 48/24
MP3: alle Shops
Anzahl Tracks: 13
Laufzeit Album: 59:15

The new album is availbale on CD and DVD-Audio/Video from bartman-music. The online distribution comes from UR-music. So this album will be available in all shops and streaming-portals. Goodbye Cruel World is a concept-album. Most tracks are instrumental but in the last song you can find the main-message. Be free in your decisions. Every person can do everything. Look forward and feel free.

The music sounds heavy, bombastic, calm and has also many acoustic elements. The drums were played by Joe Walace, a very good rockdrummer. The complete album benefits from these live-drums. Thanks Joe. You made a very good job. In the surround-mix the drums fill the room.

Why is no Bluray available? The disc is full. It's no place for an additional album.

Looking forward to this, as his past albums are really great music and mix wise.

Here a clip from the drum sessions


Thanks Robert for opening this theme. Today I finalized the Stereo-Master. The surround-Mix sounds very good. The drums are very present and the toms rock the complete room. Joe is a fantastic rockdrummer from berlin. He is absolute professional and play drums for over 40 years. I'm really happy to found him. On my site are more informations also in english.

Good news: I only sing in 3 songs ;-)
The album would be available in around 14 days.

The best wishes for all people here in 2018.