New Alan Parsons album "From The New World" out in July! (CD/DVD release)


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Apr 19, 2006
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Something like this,
As it stands the RZ50's amps exhibited some serious issues when attempting to drive 4 ohm loads but if your speakers are closer to 8 ohm loads it should offer acceptable performance at this price level. The Dirac Live DSP is a big plus here.
Thanks for the link, Sal.
Well all my speakers are 8 ohm. I was looking at this one but leaning more toward the TX-NR7100 @ $1300. (B&H) but need to find a good review.
IF price were no consideration I would likely go for a Denon. But sadly, money is tight. There are plenty of used AVR's out there, good ones, at low price points but I'm kind of skittish about buying used AVR's (not so much with disc players, my Oppo's were bought used/or reconditioned by Oppo). I may have to forgo that and bite the bullet to get a better unit.
New speakers will NOT be in the budget.


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Jan 3, 2020
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I may have to forgo that and bite the bullet to get a better unit.
Your call bro. But that Onkyo provides really excellent DAC performance, in the top 1/3 of all AVR's tested and provides Dirac Live, one of the best DRC systems on the market. The fact that the amps fall down driving 4 ohm loads shouldn't effect your 8 ohm speakers to any real extent. In any case it also offers pre-out connections for all channels including 2 subwoofer connections! So if you should ever find yourself running out of juice, the market is full of powerful inexpensive used amps or even new Class D amps.
This is the arrangement I have in my rig with a Denon X4700H at it's head.
IMHO I think that Onkyo might be a grand slam for you.
Just my 2 cents. ;)


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Jul 4, 2013
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I remember seeing AP opening for yes in the summer of 98 and DTS was a sponsor. Alan talked about it briefly at the end of their set. At that time, I had no clue about multi channel music. I need to dig up my yes t shirt from the show, I am pretty sure it has the DTS logo on the back
And the show was in surround if my memory's right. Still have my ticket stub.