Renaissance: Azure D'Or (5.1 Mix out in November)


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I ordered this CD/Blu-Ray 2 years ago. Finally came! Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but especially love the multilayered Annie Haslam voice on Kalynda. Remastered in 5.1 2022 by Stephen W. Tayler.


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You will not be disappointed!
AR, you made some interesting comments at the poll results about this one.
Annie Haslam definitely has a very unique voice. She is renown for her 5-octave vocal range, especially enjoyable to hear when she was young.
A beautiful song to check out of hers, is the one on her 1989 solo release 'Annie Haslam' titled 'The Angels Cry'. Written by Justin Hayward. He also sings some of the harmonies on it.
An interesting side note; I understand Hayward actually wrote the song for Agnetha , the blonde from Abba. Agnetha's is an interesting version that is out there on YouTube, if you search. Having heard both, I do like Agnetha's also but IMHO, Annie's is better!
Annie's voice, vocal style & production I prefer.

This release , azure dor, I wasn't familiar with at all. I'm listening to it on now YouTube & like what I'm hearing so far.
Anyone recall what you paid for this Blu-ray/ 2 CD set?
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Enjoyable song but I definitely get that it was written for Agnetha it sounds like her style. I will have to search out her version.