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Mar 2, 2002
Need an advice.
My brother need to change its car system. He had an Alpine CD which lasted 13 years and liked to continue with Alpine, but the Alpine catalog shows no DTS-enabled product.
Which brands offer also DTS decoding for their car system? The player may be cd or dvd, doesn't matter.
The only known alternative by me is the old Sherwood system, which isn't sold anymore.
Check Crutchfield, and search on DTS. There are a few there that I noticed. A panasonic and a kenwood, i think.

Go to dts web site and click on consumer section and they have a list of manufactures that support the format.I think the link is in our list .
Also check ebay as the Sherwood system turns up there quite often and at very low prices. Course, you might start saving for a new DVD-A car system. ;)
Well, i can try the old sherwood ones when they shows up. I have the sherwood xdts80 decoder in my office and it works like a charm.
Alpine WILL have a DTS product, in a couple of months. It will be expensive, the outboard decoder will be $800, but will do Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II! Model number is PXA-H700. Don't look for info on the web, yet. Check with an Alpine dealer if interested. You'll probably want an Alpine head unit to work with it, problem is you'll also want optical digital out. Only one offered now (2002) is the DVD head unit $1200. I'm getting the processor on an insurance claim caus my Sherwood unit was stolen. Am getting last year's top of the line Alpine head unit to run it cause it has optical out. If you want more info let me know.
There are currently two of the Sherwood complete systems on ebay by the same seller. Opening bid $100.00, with no reserve. A few months ago, the 6 channel amp was selling by itself for that.
After winning a Ebay auction for a complete sherwood system, making the payment (even wire transfer from italy to USA takes a long time...) and fedex shipping, finally it came today, brand new.
Boys, the 6ch amplifier is HUGE!!!! I don't know where my brother will mount it, nevertheless i like it. Will love to have one of these babies on the car we have here...
Ciao winopener.

Will put mine behind the back seat, attached to the surface where the rear speakers are.

A good number of cables going back and forth.

Mine was stuck in New Jersey for about 6 months before reaching me in Venezuela.

Good luck and auguri.