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CD-4 and SQ LPs


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Sep 7, 2008
New Zealand
Hello Everyone,

I am selling my collection of Japanese pressing of CD-4 LPs/SQ/QS, I see a guy on ebay selling some of these LPs for up to $299.00 I think that is crazy prices! All I want is my money back, I bought these in 2006 when I went to Tokyo, my wife took me to the LP store and left me there for a while, they wouldn't even bargin on the price. They know the prices of them over there as well! I want $60.00USD each + Freight. I suspect there is some pretty rare LPs in here.

Billy Vaughn Live in Tokyo 1972 Vol.2 CD-4 Paramount CD4W-7012
Henry Mancini Live In Japan CD-4 RCA R4P-5017
Percy Faith Black magic women - CBS SOPN 44002
An introduction to the world of SQ quadraphonic sound SX 68mark CBS YAPC-18 - The music People DP Master Sound
SQ This LP looks really rare, says "Not Forsale" looks like an SQ demo record is all in Japanese
Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra Leonard Bernstein New Yorker Philharmonic SQ CBS SOCL 1011
Travel mood music(all japanse no english) RCA JPD 1-0444 CD-4
Rimsky-Kirsakov SCHERAZADE RCA R4C-2019 CD-4
Perfect Sound CDU-2501 CD-4 Union records
Beyond the reef - New Hawaiian!! CD-4 Victor
Naiomo Stream Victor CD-4 CD4B-5004
Fantastic Strings Mood - RCA R4J-7008 CD-4
Hawaiian CD-4 Delux CD4W-7103
The Optimum in Quadraphonic sound - Rare moments RQS-4000 Era records
Hugo Montenegro love theme from the god father RCA-5026 CD-4

Ortofon Pick up test record - direct cut
Shure trackability test record for stereo cartridges - TTR 115
Denon/PC 45rpm audio technical series 2

I also have a Sasnui QS-D1000 unit to sell, 100vac, came from Japan, $1200USD plus freight, these are pretty rare peice of Quadraphonic audio gear and I would have to say it is the best I have ever heard. It does a really good job for converting stereo to quad and is amazing on QS LPs, I have another Box of LPs and I think there are some QS LPs in there.

Thanks for looking at my items for sale. I am located in New Zealand, where all the earth quakes have been :) But where I live has been un effected but sure did feel them!

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