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Staff member
Jan 1, 2010
Washington, D.C.
This seems an appropriate mix for the material IMO. It has a very Pop sound, but with her vocals reminding me a little bit of the timbre of Dua Lipa but with more of a Jazz standards feel to the arrangements.

The mix on my SACD ripped as a 5.0 (with nothing in the LFE channel.) Sonics are first class with beautiful clarity and sufficient activity for the rear channels to satisfy me. Center channel is mainly Chlara's vocals isolated. Sans the LFE, the remaining 5 channels averaged a DR of 14 on the song "Come To Bed"; as an example.

There are different mixing choices it seems for some songs like the one below "Come To Bed"' that has some laid back Guitars split right and left in the fronts, some percussion (bongos maybe?) and vocal reverb also in the Fronts. A shaker and main vocals in the Center. The rears have mainly a stand up Bass, some mild back-up vocals, light shaker, Vibraslap and guitar ambience in the rears.

I'd recommend sampling the music, and if you like this style, the mix and sonics shouldn't disappoint.

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I'll vote a 9 on this one.

Come to Bed -Chlara.jpg