"Country and Boogie SALOON" - NEW DVD-A from QuadroSurround


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Mar 2, 2002
Dietrich and Andreas have just released a new 4.0 DVD-A in Germany on their "Quadro-Surround" label called "Country and Boogie" by the "Appeltown Washboard Worms". It's another in a fine list of releases from Quadro-Surround and it contains many songs that should be familiar to most music fans.


Here's a look at the front and back of the jewel box. Once I give it a few spins, I'll be back to report on my listening....

Country and Boogie Front.jpg
Country and Boogie Back.jpg
This is a fun album. As with all of the Quadro-Surround DVD-A's, the surround is terrific. There is no doubt as you listen that sounds and vocals are coming from all around you. But the content, well, that's what it's all about and here's the deal on this disc:

The album starts off quietly, with Woody Guthrie's "This Land is My Land". The vocals are quite good with the harmonies coming from the rears. "Folsom Prism" follows in a similar mold, but then the pace is picked up a bit with "Square Dance" continues into "Sweet Home Alabama". I have to admit that I actually found myself smiling in the car listening to this track. Not because it wasn't good, but I was picturing a group of foreigners in a studio in Germany singing ".. songs about the Southland". It's a strange image, but this is actually a decent version of the song. Think "Pub Band"

As the album moves along the pace again moves up and then turns to all-out smokin' when you get to "New Orleans Boogie" and my favorite track (right now), "Chicago Breakdown". This tune really cranks! :) To me tracks 7-12 make the album totally enjoyable. The group does a nice job on Jerry Lee Lewis's "High School Confidential", then the album ends with a very folk-ish mello take on John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane", with the rear channels harmonies on this one sounding a bit strange.

The keyboard players on this disc are great, as is all of the musicmanship. The vocals do not sound overly of an accent, and if I didn't know these guys were from Germany I would not be able to place them by the vocals.

So if you're bummed about The Beatles and want to try some "real surround", and you like these songs and this type of music, this is a very worthwhile disc. Like I said, the uptempo rocking tracks got to me the most, and they are really good to turn up loud. This is another great release from Quadro-Surround. Could be my second favorite from them, right behind "Parsons- Thibaud - Transcontinental Voices"

You can hear stereo samples of most of their offerings, including this one, on their website here:

...continues into "Sweet Home Alabama". I have to admit that I actually found myself smiling in the car listening to this track. Not because it wasn't good, but I was picturing a group of foreigners in a studio in Germany singing ".. songs about the Southland". It's a strange image, but this is actually a decent version of the song. Think "Pub Band"

To detract, I recently was in Cotonou, Benin and heard a local cover band sing this as well. I smiled... Then they played Strange Kind of Woman and I REALLY smiled!
I found myself playing "High School Confidential" a few repeated times today in the car. It's very infectious.

(Hey Dietrich. How about a Jerry Lee Lewis tribute DVD-A with these guys. You could throw in other similar tunes from that era. Might be a real interesting disc.)
Disclaimer: I have received a free copy of this album from Dietrich in consideration of my review.

My Review: Country & Boogie Saloon by the Appeltown Washboard Worms.

I am not really a country music fan, so I really didn't expect a lot out of this one. I was wrong. It starts with an excellent rendition of an old standard of Americana, "This Land is My Land". This song is sung by a singer with a beautiful deep bass voice. The cover did not mention which vocalist sang bass, and they're all good, but I really liked the guy with the deep voice. This is probably one of the best renditions of this song I have heard. Next is "Folsom Prison", it's a bit faster paced than Johnny Cash's version, more upbeat, and it's a good version. The next cut, "Square Dance" is mostly instrumental. An occasional rebel yell is thrown in and each stanza is separated by a four count, each one being a little faster, with the music being played faster as well. A lively tune indeed. The instrument playing is top notch, as it is throughout the album. The next cut, Sweet Home Alabama" is loved by just about every southerner, or since this is from Germany, I should specify, every citizen of a former Confederate state. But that really isn't necessary. It's a good rendition, but my heart is just too set on the Skynyrd version. The great thing is, though, there are now two surround versions of this southern rock classic, take your pick! The next cut, "The Orange Blossom Special", an instrumental, features really good pickin' and fiddlin'. The next one, Gambling Man, I didn't warm up to that one as much, but it's OK. The next cut, "Ghost Riders" is a well known western style song with good banjo picking and a haunting melody. I know it's a western because it contains the line "Yippie yai Yo, Yippie yai yay! But it's a beautiful tune and the bass singer I mentioned earlier was utilized effectively. The rest of the album, much of it is in the style of early rock and roll, except the last cut, Leaving on a Jet Plane, which is a pretty good rendition of the soft rock song. The surround mix is excellent, and apparently that is what can be expected from Dietrich's gang, also the recording quality is excellent as well. So, if you're a country fan, it's definitely worth getting, or if you just want something a little different. It's a good addition to your surround collection.

The Quadfather
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Hello Jon and Quadfather, thank you for your reviews. It is always interesting for us, how the opinions are about our productions. Also the band is intersed. I will tell them. To the ask of Jon: We have further tracks. So we make later a second production named "Country & Rock" which include also a title of Jerry Lee Lewis. In rough planing is in 2016 also a Rock'n Roll production. I think , some or many of the fans have heard in their young years around the late 50's with enjoyment or even enthusiasm Bill Halye and the Comets - and others. We can get Germanys best Rock'n Roll Band (Franny & the Fireballs), which are specialists for his style - but are playing also Fats Domino etc. They have played as supporting programm by his tours here. Till now his music was not heard in quadraphonic sound and should also interesting.

My first Quadro-Surround disc, and I am well pleased with it. It is well recorded, and the mix is just as I like it - aggressive, with lots of action in the rear speakers. I love country and boogie, so the music was never going to be a problem!