Review: Apple Town Washboard Worms "Country and Rock Session" (QuadroSurround DVD-A)


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The Quadfather

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Mar 7, 2002
Hey Y'all:
I just got my copy of the Appletown Washboard Worms "Country and Rock Session". It starts out with a country song best known as a Willie Nelson song, "On the Road Again". It is a good performance and includes some nice fiddle work. The next one is a Johnny Cash song, and their bass singer does sound a bit like Cash. I enjoyed it. Next one, a Clapton song, "Lay Down Sally" A good performance by the solo singer, I think they probably should have stuck with the solo performance throughout the song, but the chorus is OK. "Drowsy Maggie" starts with a nice fiddle solo, as if it's leading up to something, Actually it's more fiddling with accompanyment with other instruments. It's an instrumental all the way through. "Blue Moon of Kentucky" is well performed, and what can I say, I just like songs about Kentucky. Get all aboard for the next one, "The Wabash Cannonball" Yep, it's a train song, and old standard. I love trains, so I like it. I'm a southerner, so I like the next one too, "Cotton Fields". Nothing says Dixie like a cotton song. We have gone back to growing a lot of cotton here in Georgia, but we harvest it with machines now. That is followed by "Jacky Diamond" Do they mean "Jack of Diamonds"? I have to think this is a translation error, because the song clearly refers to card playing. I have never heard this song before, so I don't know if the name is supposed to be a double entendre. "Let the Good Times Roll" an old Rock standard begins the rock portion of the record, followed by "Shake Rattle and Roll" which is sung in a spirited fashion and includes a bass guitar solo in the left rear corner. "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" is another spirited performance, with some nice piano work. The next one, "Great Balls of Fire", I am most familiar with this one played by Black Oak Arkansas, but the song is much older than that. This recording doesn't sound like Black Oak, (nor did I expect it to) but it's a nice performance. The repeated mispronunctuation of the word "goodness" tends to be a little distracting. Sounds like "goodnen". We finish up with "Roll Over Beethoven", a good performance, nothing to criticize here.

As always with Quadro Surround recordings, the sound quality is good, and the mix is very discrete. There is no over the top panning, which is not necessary for a good quad mix. Another fine addition to my collection.

The Quadfather
P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, Quadro Surround provides me with a free copy of this record in return for the review.