Dutton Vocalion April 2018 Surround Sound SACDs (Guess Who, Rick Derringer & The Hues Corporation)


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I find comparing Q8 which at 3 3/4 ips is a full 1/4 of what's on a 15 ips QUAD master tape or Matrix Vinyl [take your pick] which IS dependent on your Turntable/tonearm/cartridge combo set~up {as we all know some are WAY better than others], I find comparing any of the above to an original QUAD master a moot point......

Even QR Open Reel [dolby b or non dolby] constitutes 1/2 of what is contained on a 15 ips master ....... a step up, to be sure from Q8.......but still NOT THE REAL DEAL.

But until all the Q8s, Matrix Vinyl and QRs are released [IF EVER] on a high res digital medium from those masters ...... one must be content with the reduction in quality inherent in these formats. Something IS better than NOTHING!
I'm convinced that if one took a commercially released Q4, one that had miraculously been duplicated right and came out in more high quality product than the average, and applied a recently developed method of correcting wow and flutter called Plangent Processes, that reel could be used for a commercial release.

We have all heard the ones that just don't quite cut it, and then we've heard the ones that really do attain a level of quality playback that just hits all the right spots.

This is the future of tape to digital restoration. I suppose it could improve a Q8 tape transfer as well.
I hope to dear god D/V never issues an SACD that sounds like a Q8. AF never did. Even if they considered it for a split second (like Jon said of Joe Cocker's S/T album).

That's right I am speaking of Q8 here, in case anyone gets confused about tape formats.

excuse me, nobody is saying they have or will issue a Q8-sounding SACD, all this BS (yes that's what this has descended into) started when you criticised the sound quality of the AAB portion of the Derringer SACD and you scoffed at a reasonable retort that at least its an improvement on the alternative offerings (the old Q8 and SQ LP).. and here we are going around in circles! :SB

if you are alluding to me, let me be clear there is certainly no confusion on my part wrt tape formats. how you let your INTJ overlook the detail and explanation of the "Quad tape" umbrella term in my previous post i don't know.. honestly.. tut tut.. finger wag. etc. i hope DV announce something new soon, its gotta be more fun than this nonsense!
Even QR Open Reel [dolby b or non dolby] constitutes 1/2 of what is contained on a 15 ips master ....... a step up, to be sure from Q8.......but still
I find open reel reel at 7 1/2ips to be much more than a step up from Q8. I find them three steps up. How different we can hear things.

Did you hear the Bette Midler or Jerry Reed quad (sincere thanks to the guys that did these two stunners) reels? Those two are prime candidates for being Plangent processed. They are imo both way beyond Q8, and approach the commercial range of quality.

I can wait for the Plangent software to reach the quad conversion archivists out there. We'll see a sharpness in clarity not previously imagined.
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