Elliot Scheiner & Audio Fidelity Announce 5.1 SACD Partnership


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Whilst I appreciate what Audio Fidelity is doing, I'm not so quick to throw the stone at the other companies involved with Hi-Res and Multichannel releases. I think Mobile Fidelity wants to stick to what they've been doing for years now and cater to that market as best as they can. I can appreciate this but it doesn't mean that I'm happy about the consequences. Whenever they are agreed a license for a title and release it in Stereo (or Mono if that,s how the album was released), this means that it highly reduces the chances that the same title will be released by another label in a Multichannel mix, if such a mix exists, like it does in so many titles that they've released over the last ten years.

As for throwing the stone at Universal and other majors, I won't waste my time as these companies are mostly run by bean counters who care very little about the music their vaults hold and the people who spend their hard earned (and easily spent) money buying this very music.

All in all, I'm just really appreciative of anyone left in this business who are actually crazy enough to dare going against the grain and release these sweet Quad mixes and more modern ones for the sake of us mad ones and other sentimental lunatics out there.

If you notice MoFi has really slowed down on their releases compared to a few years ago....my biggest problem with them is that they lock in titles and don't release them...they just sit on them...AFTER they proceed with this elaborate sham of issuing a number to the release and then a year or more later it's not brought to the marketplace...nobody else can do anything with the title...it's just in cyber space...