Elton John in Atmos


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Ahhhhh! This may be what makes me go streaming ATmos....I've been rebeling against it....not sure why.

my friend, the time, i would say, is now.

we all know the 70's Classics practically by heart of course and in Atmos they all shine like the jewels they are, with some surprising new elements popping up (no 5.1 rehashes, these are all new mixes) and there's lots of inventive and also some quite unexpected uses of the Surround soundfield.

Greg Penny is not afraid to put some knockout stuff in the Rears and Atmos/Height channels that's for sure (!) -- but the big surprise for me is in some of the 80's/90's and beyond tracks (things like Blue Eyes, Little Jeannie, I'm Still Standing, IGTWTCITB, Nikita, IDWGOWYLT) some of that stuff i could barely bear playing anymore.. now they are so freed of their original production and some of the mixing mire and grunge of the 80's i've always felt plagued them that some of these new mixes of his latter-day tracks are absolutely - and i don't say this lightly - revelatory -- and yet the essence of each track and what made them Hits in the first place is for the most part still there. very clever, very skillful mixing indeed.

are there some things i would have done differently? absolutely.
the lead vocals feel a tad too dry to me on "Sad Songs Say So Much", for example.. but its a relatively minor quibble even within the mix of just that song because everything else about the track is mixed so beautifully in Surround; the rhythm section and backing vocals of Davey, Dee and Nigel all together on a big Hit record for the last time fill the room so so gorgeously, with all new pretty little vocal bits peppering the place, just sublime.

when you can make me sit all the way through "Nikita" (another track i could've happily lived without hearing anymore) with a permanent grin at just how fabulously Surround-y and yet how superbly it all still gels, well that to me is a stunning achievement.

i think this represents a new benchmark in Atmos mixing for Music imho.

still getting over the shock. wow.
pretty sure, it's just the tip of the Iceberg so far; and Adam must need an extra stiff drink tonight 🥃
Personally, I'm more interested in what gets pulled out of the old vaults rather than any new music coming down the line.

oh how i'd love a stiff one (you have no idea! 😋 😂 ) and i too hope its just the tip - because i want more! i can take more than just the tip of this iceberg! oh yeah baby, yeah!!

ahem. anyway... 🙊🤣
Tiny Dancer has a (love it) guitar in the left surround on Apple Music I don’t recall hearing there on the Madman SACD. This is going to be so much fun comparing songs!:D

Ya know I CANT Believe Not A Mention of this Album Atmos on Apples Spatial Audio front page???

Apple people "we haven't even announced it n its already being played"! LOL u guys 👌
Ya know I CANT Believe Not A Mention of this Album Atmos on Apples Spatial Audio front page???

Apple people "we haven't even announced it n its already being played"! LOL u guys 👌

they will in time, EJ will be their featured Spatial Audio artist at some point.

they just have to get as many Atmos plays in of Justin Bieber as they can first, that pays for all the Elton Atmos tracks 🙂
Just to document what is missing in Dolby Atmos from the Elton John Diamonds release on Apple Music.

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (duet with George Michael) shows as "no longer available". Strangely when I added Diamonds the stereo track from George Michael's album was added to my library.

Victim of Love is stereo only.

That's What Friends Are For is stereo only.
Elton's fan club sent out an email earlier, which i haven't had time to check until now! 😅😍💘

Do you have the Tidal link? It’s stereo only here in Australia. Or I can’t seem to find the Atmos album!

Same here. I'm in the USA.

privateuniverse, can you please confirm you're seeing this on Tidal and can play it in Atmos now?

It sounds like it may not be actually available until March 25.

Else a link would be super helpful.
so far they all seem to be “vocals-all-round” style mixes and not like the old SACDs with EJ’s lead vocal hard in the Centre channel..? hmm.. 🤔

they’re plenty Surround-y though.. and sound great! phew! 😅

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my Elton John surround SACDs have been at the top of my favorites, the sound quality and mixes outstanding. I’m really excited to see this coming out in ATMOS and on Apple Music.

I shouldn’t have done it, but I just compared the SACD and Apple Music ATMOS versions of Tiny Dancer.

is it me, or does the sound quality on SACD really sound better than the streaming ATMOS?

The SACD just sounds smoother, meatier. The vocals on the Apple version sound a touch shrill, slightly too much top end. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not cancelling my subscription, but am I hearing a Qualitative difference between the media?