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I can't believe I've never even heard of it. WTF??
Same here but with the recent discussion of One From the Heart, I remembered I had a Coppola blu-ray mini collection and this was the only one I hadn't seen in the set. It was cool seeing San Francisco at that time and some nice vintage audio equipment too but I suppose modern audiences would be bored with it.

Did anyone see it in the theater at the time? Was it a popular film? I noticed it was nominated for three Academy Awards in the article.
An absolute visual and aural delight! Hiromi's score is dynamite!
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StudioCanal's Native UHD4K restoration of Francis Ford Coppola's THE CONVERSATION. Release date July 15th\

One of the 70's, Coppola's and the Hackman's bestests + it's one of the 5 classic 70's flicks that John Cazale was in and one of my favourites. Put it in the pile with The Parallax View and 3 Days of the Condor. Bring on the barebones 4K! I don't need all the ephemera.
So what do you watch on a languid Friday night after you catch HBO's acerbic Bill Maher @ 10 PM ......Well, why not Anne Hathaway's surprising performance in Prime Video's THE IDEA OF YOU with latest British heartthrob Nicholas Galitzine who can not only act but dance and sing as well!

Unwittingly chaperoning her daughter and friends to Coachella, Hathaway's character Solene, a 40 year old divorcee and owner of a tony art gallery in California mistakenly enters a trailer thinking it's a public restroom only to discover it's the personal trailer of a hot member of a wildly successful boy band. At 26, Galiztine's character instantly has a connection with Solene and what begins as a mild flirtation soon escalates into a whirlwind romance much to the chagrin of Solene's ex hubby and daughter! Wildly and madly in love, Solene soon realizes that the notoriety of fandom surrounding her young lover's appeal and the appearance of being a 'cougar' do not mesh with Solene's reality!

What I really enjoyed about this movie were the two performances by the leads: Hathaway looks absolutely radiant even though she's still reeling from a painful divorce in which she was dumped for a younger woman and all our young superstar wants is a normal, unfrenzied relationship with a mature partner.

But eventually utter reality sets in. The internet detractors destroy any chance of success within the relationship and Solene eventually has to part from her boy band lover to preserve what little relationship she has with her daughter who is frankly mortified by her mother's 'erratic' behavior.

But all is not lost. In the end Love does conquer all and we are left with the possibility of a more stabilized future between the star crossed lovers.

And Gaziltine who also co~stars in STARZ MARY AND GEORGE [a somewhat sordid mini series] is a dazzling actor and can actually sing.

See Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine's steamy romance in trailer ...
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From thedigitalbits website:

And here’s some exciting news: John Ford’s beloved western The Searchers (1956) has been given a new restoration! Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging and The Film Foundation have scanned the original 8-perf 35mm VistaVistion negative in 13K and completed a 6.5K digital restoration. The original mono audio mix has also been restored. The rest of this effort is both a new 4K master likely to be used for a physical 4K Ultra HD release in the next 12-24 months, as well as a new 65mm film-out preservation negative and new 70mm theatrical exhibition prints!