Fosgate RFQ5000 processor


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Cai . What are you using for the head unit!?
I was also looking at this unit and want to try to hook it to my Alpine7949- For now!
Damn! I hate to start a new year out with SO MUCH ENVY!!!! ;)

Yeah, that review makes the mistake of stating, and I quote:

"Capability: The RFQ5000 will correctly decode any surround sound-encoded software regardless of which laboratory invented it (i.e., Dolby Surround, DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic)."

However, this is <strong><span style="color:red;">flat-out wrong</span></strong>. The RFQ5000 does Dolby Dolby Pro Logic II decoding only. In fact, it doesn't even have any digital inputs, so it cannot possibly decode Dolby Digital or DTS.

Don't sweat it Jon, I've been planning on getting DTS in the car for close to two years now. I just wanted to make sure that when I did it, that I did it right.

Rob, if you want to use the Clarion DVH920 with your existing system, you can as long as you get the DVC920 control unit:

If you're interested, check That's where I purchased most of my gear. They've got great prices and all my stuff came through without a problem.

I was trying to go with the Alpine Ai-Net setup but the units didn't decode d.t.s. then they made one and WOW! price is way to high$ 4000.00 or some ridiculous price . I don't think they'll sell many at that price. But It's said to be the best of the best of the best, Sir , With Honors!- To quote MIB
Cai, while I agree that the claim that the RFQ5000 decodes all the formats is somewhat misleading, if you read wht Jim Fosgate himself said about designing this unit, you'll see he makes no such outlandish boasts. His intent with this unit was to make a car surround processor that would provide the most versatile and discrete decoding possible. While I have just set up DTS and DVDA in my home adio setup, and am impressed, what I like about this unit for the car is it's ability to create surround from the radio, from stereo and quad cassette recordings, which gives you more choices of music in the car. And it is on par with the Tate in it's discreteness. As for decoding DTS and Dolby Digital, while it doesn't have digital inputs, it will play the 2 channel surround tracks that most of these discs contain. I am currently running one of these in my car with a high end cassette deck, and I still have room to add a DTS CD player down the road. I think that they compliment one another, like CD-4 and SQ.

Right on, I'm sure the unit sounds great. You can't really go wrong with Rockford Fosgate gear. I'm sure the original claim that this is an excellent choice for analog-based surround in the car is right on target. As a stand-alone analog-based unit, I bet it does a better job in the analog domain than a unit that "does it all". Just from my own perspective, though, I would rather avoid the extra cost, space and complexity of having two decoders in the car. I go nuts with component pieces in my home stereo but for the car, I want the least number of components to do the maximum amount of work.

Cai,n I was looking at the links you provided for the Clarion components, nowhere did I see that this unit plays DVD-A or DTS DVDs. I take it you'll be playing the DTS cds that you personally create, since the bitrate is different for DVDs.

I'm not going to do DVD or DVD-A in the car. The cost is just too prohibitive at this point. Besides, I really don't think that the extra resolution can be fully appreciated while roaring down the freeway at 80 mph.

Basically, I'll be doing DTS CD's and regular CD's via DPLII. Those two formats will do me just fine.

I'm still waiting on the Alpine decoder PXA-H700 which is similar to the Clarion, but a little more dough. It does have a really cool DIN sized separate display. One problem is the new Alpine head units and changers do not have optical outs. I had to get an older head unit and changers. The DVD head unit and changers do have them, but they are pricey, and don't do DVD-A hirez! My car stereo was ripped off over a year ago, and the Sherwood DTS unit was gone. I didn't pay that much for it but my insurance is buying the Alpine unit for replacement. It is supposed to be out by the end of the month. It has been over a year wait on it.

I had it with the RFQ-5000, and they didn't like each other too well, I'm not sure why. It will definitely be a plus to have all in one.

I am planning to use the RFQ-5000 to process the hi-rez stereo outputs of my SACD and DVD-A, because it is all analog. I think this unit is still the only truly analog implementation of DPL-II.

All in all surround in the car is cool, and I can't wait to get mine going again!:p
I meant to say I had the Sherwood DTS and Rockford Fosgate RFQ-5000 working together, and they didn't like each other.

I am with Cai on burning DTS CDs of SACD and DVD-A m/c discs. Who wants those hard to find expensive discs in a car environment? And will you really be able to hear the hirez advantage when competing with road noise? I think we need to support these formats by buying the new discs, but I feel we do have the right to make personal use copies.

PF Money is a great way to wow friends in your car in quad! Especially if you don't warn them, and you watch their reaction!

<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Alpine decoder PXA-H700 [/quote]
Can I use it with an Alpine CDA-7949?
I'm looking for a decoder to use for d.t.s. in the car with the Alpine 7949. Have looked at different ideas but if this will do it I want one! Even if I have to make or buy a converter.
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This is the one I saw but HOW MUCH!????
Didn't see the one you were talking about on their web site
Yes, I believe it will work with the 7949. The F1 unit is unbelievably expensive, and doesn't do DPLII. The PXA-H700 will be announced at CES next week, and should hit the stores within a month. Like I said, I've been waiting for it for over a year. I heard about the Clarion, but the Alpine was due out first, but was delayed. If you talk to a knowlegable Alpine dealer, they have some product info and pictures of the unit. It is similar to the H510, but with DTS and DPL-II, and a full DIN sized seperate display. MSRP $800. Hope this helps.
That sounds more reasonable than the one I saw WHEEW!:eek: $6000.00 Was a little more than I was willing to pay. For that much I could have a whole media system with all the bells and whistles. I'll have to look into this one.
Iwas hoping they'd come out with something that had d.t.s. and not just DD/ac3 , P.L.! Didn't know why they waited to include d.t.s. as most of the decoder chips include d.t.s. for some time now!
Hey ! A new section. When did this get added!