Grilling, Barbeque/Asado Thread - QQ Style :)


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Here's my healthy eating today: New York strip steaks on the grill @J. PUPSTER recommended. 4 minutes per side then rested on slabs of butter and minced garlic.
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Tonight I tried grilled artichoke. It turned out better than I thought!

Bit of a misnomer though, as you need to steam the artichokes first; recipe here:
along with bbq atlantic salmon fillet brushed with olive oil & fresh ground pepper + salt. I threw 1/2 a lemon on the bbq too: you get way more juice out of it & the flavor is sweeter. I dipped the artichoke leaves in the salmon + lemon juice as I peeled them off. Yum.

I cooked the artichoke stalks too, they had a lot of the flesh from the heart in them, which is the best part!

"Dream on, on to the heart of the artichoke..."
These days, everything, everywhere, 24/7 around these parts smells like someone is grilling over an open wood fire.
I know, the whole northeast U.S. is in a haze of Canada wildfire smoke. Crazy that it can travel hundreds of miles and stay that strong. They are postponing high school sports due to bad air quality and now I hear they may postpone some MLB games too (Yankees, etc.).
Pellet grill brisket round 2
Seems like I figured it out. Family and friends devoured it and my Mexican street corn.

Peach butcher paper for the last two hours helped the brisket a lot this time.


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My grocery store had a great sale on some really nice Ribeye roasts bone-in (two-rib cuts) for $9.99 a lb. Thought that was a fab. price, bought two. Made two large steaks out of each. Cut the bones out to use in soup later. They were big enough that I froze three and we shared one tonight.

My BBQ was out of propane so I pan fried it. It came out fantastic. I tried starting the steak out in a cold pan and gradually raising the heat as it cooked. My thinking is, that if I dropped it into a hot pan, it would seize up (tighten) fast and be tough (it's happened to me before); so I'm thinking that's the way to go.

Also had Corn on the cob, and pan sautéed Chard with butter and garlic.
We came with ten days worth of presents! Here are the kids when we gave them Chicago Dogs jerseys (American Association minor league baseball team). They also put on their Kane County Cougars (another AA minor league team–my wife and i are big yakyu fans!) Opening Night hats (we brought those over on the first night We saw them!)
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They dug the jerseys so much that they wore them to school the next day (Kinosuke, the boy, is in second grade; he can wear such things. Mako, the girl, is in kindergarten; she wears a uniform, so her jersey was more of a jacket that she wore on a slightly chilly morning).

American candy (like Pop Rocks and Nerds) has also been a VERY popular present!
Did a 45 day aged T-bone steak tonight.

Ran out of olive oil, which I normally use to brush the meat.... but I had a bottle of garlic infused camelina oil in the cupboard, used that instead.

Tried a different technique with the steak spice: normally I brush the meat with oil & grind spices over both sides, let it sit for a while & then grill it.

Tonight I just put oil on, seared one side, flipped it, ground spices over the charred side only, then moved it to to non-hot coal side of the BBQ & put the lid on, with the breather holes opened.

I forgot I'd left the kitchen tap on, and rushed back into the kitchen to find hot soapy water spilling all over the floor. :ROFLMAO:

So by the time I cleaned that mess up, I was sure the steak would be overdone. But I got lucky, it was on the well done side of medium rare.

It turned out really good!

No pics, I was hungry. Chased down with a pint of Zywviec.