Haken new Live DVD


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Just watch a good portion of that new DVD of Haken in Amsterdam. Except form som abusive stroboscopic effect, the DVD is really impressive for those who care for a good surround mix.

Love this band. I had found nothing indicating the audio format and assumed it was stereo, so I had passed it up. Thank you, I will certainly be ordering this now!

Edit: Aaaaaaaaaand ordered!
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I'm a little pressed for time, so I only checked out the first few tracks, but here's my initial impressions:

WOW. I can't believe I skipped over this. This is an excellent live disc with a very active surround field. Sound quality is very good, although only Dolby Digital. But very crankable!

Haken is one of my absolute favorite modern bands. If you're a prog-head, I think you'll really enjoy these guys. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone pick this up. It's quite affordable at $17 for 4 discs


And thank you, Rugene!! You rock!
As Haken's Affinity LP didn't receive the surround treatment as a studio album, this is a must-have for me, because half of Affinity is captured within it. 😀 I caught Haken live at Billboard on that tour, and was very impressed. Will definitely order; thanks heaps!
I have had this for a while, but haven't had a chance to watch it. Have listened to the CDs and enjoy them.
I finally took the opportunity to watch the first concert DVD over the weekend and I whole heartedly agree with @von kulper 's earlier comments. It is a fantastic concert, with a very active surround mix. It has a very solid bass foundation and the sound is excellent. Don't let the Dolby digital sound scare you. Also while it is on DVD, the picture upscaled very well.
Thanks for the recommendation! Mine arrived today from Amazon - 2 CD/2 DVD set. Nice package, tons of content. I have to confess to being unfamiliar but right up my alley. So many prog influences (PT/Opeth/Pineapple Thief/Genesis/It Bites) - most importantly great songs and performances. the Dolby 5.1 mix is quite active with excellent fidelity and balance. If you're a fan of this style - no brainer!
Dolby rules!!
Okay I may have had a couple of wheat beers but I can't believe this a Dolby mixed, surround release.
And er.....It is live isn't it?
Just retightening my head bolts, after nodding along through this fantastic show.

Agree with all previous positive sediments about this release.
It is very,very good.

Are you sure this is DOLBY!!!