Hardware Thread: Recording Quad to the Desktop PC - What do you use?

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Mar 17, 2017
Hi all, another n00b question for the group.

I too am looking for an A/D converter to digitize quad sources (SQ records, Q8, and quad RTR). The Motu UltraLite mk4 looks like a good place to look for A/D conversion.

My quad components are currently connected to a DD 7.1 home theater receiver through its analog multi-channel inputs. With that setup I can't use my subwoofer with the quad sources. I'm hoping to find a device which could send a digital signal into my receiver to allow me to take advantage of my receiver's bass management capabilities.

The UltraLite offer ADAT optical out, but that's not compatible with SPDIF inputs in my receiver.

Does anyone here have any suggestions for hardware that can do what I'm looking to do, convert quad sources to digital via USB and output to a receiver through a digital input?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.