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Oct 17, 2023
Munich, Germany
After being an unaccounted reader for quite some time - I must have discovered quadraphonicquad.com somewhere in the last three years while looking for surround release reviews - I now decided to finally create an account. The main reason for this was that I posted my first order with CDJapan, inspired by this forum. So I thought as I somewhat officially took something from here, I might as well participate properly :)

I think I begun my journey with surround sound music releases when I bought the (in?)famous Genesis box sets in 2007/08, although I only acquired my first surround playback setup in 2011, mainly as a 5.1 home cinema set, based on Nubert speakers. Later in the 2010s I bought more surround releases, starting with the King Crimson and Yes remixes (yes, I am into progressive rock) but also the Depeche Mode, REM or Björk remixes (yes, I also listen to other styles 😀) and added more modern and ancient classics over time. By the beginning of the pandemic I realized I had about 100 surround releases, and as I was starting to work from home, I set up a proper surround music set (five identical speakers plus subwoofer, again from Nubert) around my desk so that I could immerse myself in music while working isolated from my team mates.

For quite some time I thought of 70s quad mixes as inferior to the modern layered 5.1 mixes, but then realized they are often quite engaging. I like a lot of action from the surround stage. Only last year I stumbled upon the Sony Japan 7" Reissue of Bitches Brew, and impressed by the overall package bought some more. My CD Japan order will now add six more items to that collection.

My most recent acquisition is Zaireeka from The Flaming Lips, kind of an experiment in surround music just before SACDs and DVD-As got specified. I think it is well covered in this forum as well. I produced a basic quad mix of that myself to be able to listen to it without having to set up four stereo sets.

Apart from listening to music I work in the IT business which luckily enables me to both buy obscure surround releases and support a family - although the latter often enough hinders me from enjoying the former 😁

Thank you all for letting me being part of this. QQ has become kind of a reference for surround reviews, even when I think that the surround polls tend too much to the high votes. But I take that as a sign of the enthusiasm here, and I especially like the tone in the discussions, which seems friendly throughout, and that again has become rare on the Internet.