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Rate the BDA of Trevor Horn - ECHOES: ANCIENT & MODERN

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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this new album from Trevor Horn entitled "Echoes: Ancient & Modern".
This Blu-Ray Audio release is exclusive to the SDE shop (thanks @PaulatSDE!) and features the album mixed in 5.1 surround, Dolby Atmos, and a bonus instrumental 5.1 surround mix.

The album features 11 tracks which are performed by Tori Amos, Seal, Iggy Pop, Marc Almond, Rick Astley, Andrea Corr, Steve Hogarth (from Marillion), Lady Blackbird, Jack Lukeman, Toyah Wilcox & Robert Fripp and Trevor Horn himself.
The songs themselves are iconic hits from the likes of Depeche Mode (Personal Jesus), Pat Benetar (Love Is A Battlefield), The Cars (Drive), Billy Idol (White Wedding) including a few signature tracks that Trevor was involved in the first time around such as Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 'Relax', Grace Jones' 'Slave to the Rhythm' and Yes' 'Owner of a Lonely Heart'.

Pretty nice mix have to say... Sounds amazing fidelity wise. Quite an interesting take on some classic songs. Has more of a lounge music, slower style but works nicely.

With the slower style I've just learnt I've been singing the words to Smells Like Teen Spirit wrong for donkey's years... I always thought it was "with the lights out, is this dangerous", when it's actually "with the lights out, it's less dangerous"... And I thought it was just 4 x "hello" in the bridge rather than "how low" at the end... There you go - not only does it sound great, but it's educational. :)

I'm going with a 9.
I really like this disc. it sounds amazing in both the original mix and the instrumental.
It is really interesting the way Horn took all these hits from different bands with totally different style and "re-imagined" them in a very coherent style while still managing to keep the individuality of each track. It is true the slower pace is quite noticeable for some track which can be at first ... 'surprising', but I have grown to like it especially when considering the entire album as a whole.
The choice of performers for each song is really good too.

I am currently edging for a 10 but will wait for a few more listen before voting.
I laugh at myself for hesitating to purchase Trevor Horn's Echos. It is deeply satisfying for many reasons: Spectacular mix (are the heights missing on Atmos?), giving the songs air to let the artistry of the vocalist stand out, and allowing me to newly appreciate the songs by (finally) understanding the lyrics. Highly recommend this for those who are still on the fence post. At the end, I wanted more.
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I listened to this on Apple Music to hear if it was something to buy, it was not. It's just a 5.1 mix, no Atmos on it, confirmed by two members in another thread who has the disc.
I listened to this on Apple Music to hear if it was something to buy, it was not. It's just a 5.1 mix, no Atmos on it, confirmed by two members in another thread who has the disc.
Perzon57, shocking if this is true. I'm looking into this. Has contact been made with Paul Sinclair?
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Ouch, my lowest vote of the year. I voted 6.
the music, the artists who sing the songs, the song choice.
I Love the 5.1 surround and stereo sonics, fidelity, mix, etc.

One reason for low vote, advertised as a Dolby Atmos release and it is not.
I do get a Dolby Atmos signal on my AVR, but there is just nothing in the heights.
Showing a meter of activity will do nothing for the listener, this is a blunder to the pure joy of listening to Dolby Atmos.

I have to believe that there is some kind of mistake, but how did they not pick it up?
Anyway, too bad, it won't prevent me from buying future SDE Series releases, but this hands down is not a bonafide Dolby Atmos release to a listener of my caliber.

Please keep Poll Threads Pure to your personal listening experience only.
Like others, I can confirm that the Atmos is not firing up top. Well, actually extremely lightly with ambience. So low that with the great 5.1 mix on the floor one would never hear the heights. Also, like others, I confirmed that this was the same on the Apple Music stream. What a shame to sell a disc as Atmos, when it is only 5.1. I am not offering a rating given this major issue.
Me: a covers album? Nah, pass.

Also me: *listens to album on Spotify* *rushes to order*

Side note: I don't have an Atmos system so I don't care about the quality of that mix, I just care about the 5.1.
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Well this one really didn't live up to my expectations. While Horn produced the album, he only contributes musically on 2 of 11 tracks, and has no mixing/engineering credits. Quirky vocalist choices and arrangements don't always pan out. Less than half of the 11 tracks work for me. And like others I'm not hearing any contributions from the Atmos overheads. Not terribly creative use of the bed level surround channels either. A bit of a bust for me and a disappointment considering Horn's past contributions to some amazing albums in the stereo LP and CD side of my collection.
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Because I really enjoy this release, track selection, vocals, music, etc, I thought I would give the Blu Ray another try in 5.1 both vocals and instrumentals.
My vote of 6 above does not change.
That said, my advice to others is focus on the two 5.1 versions, they are quite good on there own merit. The listener is not being taken away from the enjoyment of the music by spinning in a head trip as to where is the Atmos in the heights.
I also will say, that tiny LOST SIGNAL in the heights is now concentrated and better felt in the 5.1 surround.
Beautiful recording, just too bad, we are all wondering what happened.
If this was released as a 5.1/Stereo Blu Ray I would have voted 9, solely as it is so enjoyable.

Please Keep Poll Threads Pure, To Your Personal Listening Experience Only.
This was an "impulse buy " for me. I do not regret buying it, I quite like it but it does not blow my mind either.
I guess the music falls in the "easy listening" category, which is good for me because I do not own many titles I can listen to when my family is around :p. Owner of a Lonely Heart and Personal Jesus are my favourite tracks.

I really enjoyed the 5.1 mix and the production. Sound quality is top of the line (no surprises there, since Trevor Horn).
Extra points for the authoring of the disk: I love when everything is on sight and I do not have to navigate a pile of menus just to listen to the album in the format I like.

Am I supposed to vote if I do not have a full Atmos setup? I do own an Atmos-capable receiver, but I will not have the height speakers installed any time soon. I guess I should wait for that before casting a proper vote on the poll. I have some other titles in the same situation, like DSoTM , Tubular Bells, Danse Macabre, Wet Dream, Lark's Tongues...

I would rate this as an 8 if it were only a 5.1 title, only because the music is not that exciting to me.