Involve Audio Super Surround Preamp (Preliminary info)

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Sep 7, 2014
Here is the proposed front panel:

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SHouldn't there be some USB ports on the front?
Will it play high def FLAC files?

You also mentioned a mode select switch from stereo to involve. Hopefully it will also include SQ mode?

Many have plenty of mechanical VU meters on the amps anyway (I know I do) as well as on my Reel to Reel but I would love to have a Vectorescope for quad like the Marantz 4400 scope :

How would a classic quad amp like mine (Marantz 4100) best connect to a beast like this? would I use the 4 preamp out/in connections?

If so I could then use the main switchs on the front of my Marantz and ports for tape decks and phono so those ports are not as useful on this involve super pre-amp

Would the super pre-amp do CD-4 decoding? (I am not interested in that but I am sure others are).

as for HDMI, seems like the best solution is to just have more analog or toslink ports and let users get adapters like these :

They even have some multi port switching units relativly low cost for this.