Educate me on quad cartridges -- restoring a Dual 1229


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Jun 20, 2022
Madison, WI

Hoping to learn more about 3 cartridges that I acquired as part of finding a quadraphonic setup that included a Sansui QRX-7500, Sansui reel to reel QD-5500, Sansui SP-2500 and the SF-2 speakers and the Dual 1229 with 3 cartridges.

I have found a tech who recapped the QRX-7500 as he has worked on several of them so that is working well. I refurbished the speaker caps, cleaned and rewaxed the cabinets and replaced non-working drivers. I am sending the Dual 1229 out to Fix My Dual to have it gone through.

What I don't know anything about are the cartridges that came with it, they are:

Pickering UV-15-2400-Q - it was still in the orginal case -- I have looked it up on vinyl engine and the specs are here - Vinyl Engine - Pickering UV-15 - this probably has been with the unit when it was purchased in the 1970s.

JVC 4MD-20X - specs are here - Vinyl Engine - JVC 4MD-20X

Empire 999 TE/X - very little information on the exact cartridge - Vinyl Engine - Empire 999

I know the pickering and JVC are for quad and CD4 but other than that what should I know about them?

I have no experience with vinyl in the last 35 years.

Thanks for educating me -

Are they all mounted on "sleds" (Dual's version of headshell for this model) ?
If so, there might be some value to you in how they are mounted, meaning try them before taking them off the sleds, good alignment is important (more so with CD-4) and they might be aligned well!