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Jun 20, 2022
Madison, WI
About a year ago I picked up some Sansui quad equipment and dual 1229 turntable from a gentlemen who was moving from Wisconsin to Florida and didn't want to take the gear. He picked up while he was in the military in 1970s and the equipment went with him. This included a Sansui QRX75000, a set of SP-2500 Sansui speakers and the rear speakers are the Sansui SF-1 omni-directional speakers. I was lucky to find a tech in Madison, WI who has experience with the QRX-7500 as it is now fully recapped and restored. I recapped and cleaned up the speakers.

What I don't know what to do with is the Sansui QD-5500 reel to reel deck, a few orginal tapes and about 60 recorded tapes (TDK and BASF) plus some realistic reel to reel tapes in cardboard boxes. The QD-5500 does turn on, but when powered on, it actually starts turning the reel and the controls have no effect on that it just get plugs in and starts turning the "reels". The unit is heavy and it is simply beyond my expertise. Finding anyone in my area who can work on it is impossible and I am afraid of the cost required to invest in this even if I found someone.

The orginal owner kept a library of what he recorded, but I don't know the sources, though I assume from the turntable to reel to reel. He ha a complete folder where he typed up what song is on what tape or the entire album he recorded (about 60 pages he created). I have no idea of the quality and I am sure many of the tapes have not been opened in a decade o more. Anything in cardboard box shows it is deterioriting. So I have two boxes of tapes plus some tapes that look unused.

What would you do with this if you had it? Options seem to be offer it up to a member to pick it up in Madison, WI; take it somewhere to Chicago or Minneapolis perhaps where someone might take the lot or other suggestions? In the end my goal is to pass this on (aka., give it to somebody) who could do more with it than I can.

I am located in Madison, WI and my goal is to simply find a home for this as my interest was in the receiver/speakers and turntable.




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Buy some control cleaner. Clean the controls and all electronic contacts, lube the moving parts and you might be surprised at the treasure you have.