Jethro Tull 5.1 (“Bursting Out” box set with Steven Wilson 5.1 mixes out in June 2024!)


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Nov 9, 2006
Quote rttullfan - Ian Anderson's just confirmed that Aqualung is being remixed in 5.1 to be released as a collector's edition this year! And it looks like Thick as a Brick will follow next year!
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The flute in question is Anderson’s back-up flute, and yes, it is indeed orbiting the earth as we speak, and yes, it does perhaps contain traces of Anderson saliva – truly, at least a part of Jethro Tull can accurately be described as being ‘out of this world’. Meanwhile, back on terra firma, the band itself marches on. This year sees the band 43 years on from their 1968 debut, This Was, and it also marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Aqualung (’71), perhaps the band’s best known recording, an album which is now regarded as a classic of its era.

“Yeah, that record is the subject of discussions with EMI at the moment because we’re doing some remixing and remastering in 5.1 Sound, a kind of collector’s edition which we’ll release this year to celebrate the anniversary of Aqualung,” Anderson explains. “And then next year is the 40th anniversary of Thick As A Brick, so we’re already looking at the 2012 calendar and beginning to put together tours to regenerate the Thick As A Brick material in live performance for the first time since 1972, in its entirety.”

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This is great news for me. I have everything that Ian Anderson and Tull have released and I never thought that he would look to a 5.1 mix. At this point, I really do not care who does the mix although we all would love to see "ES" get his hands on it. I will be in line waiting to grab this and all 5.1 efforts from one of my favorites. This is truly worth waiting for!

Thanks for the news tootull :smokin
Holy Crap! Super great news! Can't wait!:banana::banana:

I've always loved the Quad version of Aqualung. (Except maybe for the title track. I always thought it could have been better.) It will be awesome to hear in 5.1!

Now the questions are;
1) How soon?
2) Will they follow Rush's lead and release on lossless formats or do it like the collector's edition Derek and the Domino's and charge $100.00 to get a lossy DTS (and other assorted stuff)?
3) Could this be the mysterious Steven Wilson mixes? If so, and if Steven has any influence, it will be lossless.

I'll have to get these no matter what the format is. Thanks tootull.
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Sounds good to me! I was hoping for Thick as a Brick as it's my fave JT album but Aqualung is not far possibly get both is fantastic news.
I hope this is a real 5.1 mix, not something doctored from the quad mix. I'd love to hear "Brick" in a surround mix, but the quote doesn't actually address that.
This is good news in deed. I'm in on this as well whether BR or DVDA as long as they don't do some stupid $100 or more exclusive thing which is out of my price range. Ideally if they do what Rush did with 'Moving Pictures' you can satisfy most people as they gave you the option of Br or DVDA and the price was quite reasonable that you could spring for both if you wanted to.

From reading all the different threads and Steve Wilson saying he is working on a classic from 70's this seems to be a slam dunk that this must be the title he was referring to.

Will this really be lossless? The picture of the Caravan dvd on the Caravan website with Steve Wilson 5.1 mixes does not appear to be a dvda or a bluray, and I can't see a dts symbol on it. It might be dolby. That will be disappointing. Collectors edition sounds ominous....
Will this really be lossless? The picture of the Caravan dvd on the Caravan website with Steve Wilson 5.1 mixes does not appear to be a dvda or a bluray, and I can't see a dts symbol on it. It might be dolby. That will be disappointing. Collectors edition sounds ominous....

Folks, look closely at the picture of the disc on top. On the upper left (under and to the left of the "D" in DERAM) that sure looks like a DVD-Audio symbol. Under the center hole it says "5.1 Surround And New Stereo Mixes". Crossing my fingers...
I have it pre-ordered, but your eyesight must be better than mine if you can make out "Audio" under the disc symbol. Isn't the standard "DVD" trademark very similar? I'm hoping it is also though. I would find it hard to believe that Steve W. would work on this and then say "Guys, let's go with Dolby".
Please note the esteemed Mr. Wilkes comment from the "Caravan: In The land Of the Grey and Pink - Pre-order!" thread

Re: Caravan: In the land of grey and pink - Pre order!

Why is this in the DVD-A section though, as DVD-A it is not......

I have mine pre-ordered as well but will be happy at this point with DTS DVD
I do recall Neil's remark, but then he never gave us "the insider information" when asked about that. I also will be happy with a good DTS mix, though curious why it wasn't DVD-A given Mr. Wilson's involvement. As discussed before, the cost difference isn't much these days. O.K.- I'll release this thread back to Jethro......would prefer the issue of Thick as a Brick myself, since there is already a good quad Aqualung..including Roamntrax. John
Funny how this thread practically died when the Floyd releases were announced! (I'm actually more interested in the Steve Wilson mix of "Aqualung" than the James Guthrie mix of "Wish You Were Here".)
This thread did die!

Well well, I will be having an early Christmas present when this is released!

After all of the remixes, I always thought that Aqualung needed some sort of boost. I tried equalizers, dynamic range expanders and the like and it just does not help. SW will surely put a smile on our faces when we first spin this "New Release" of an old favorite.:smokin