Listening now to this stereo/mono CD.


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The almost usual Beatles breakfast:
The Beatles Help! 2009 mono box (Japan)
Don Williams-The Definitive Collection. DR's are 11, 12's, 13's, 14's, 15.
Released 2004.
Eric Clapton has been quoted as to say "Don Williams is one of my all time favorites". I say, I agree.
Heavy - Iron Butterfly UK CD expanded RIP Doug Ingle
Don't Buy It - The Box Band local bluegrass group
Rumours Live - Fleetwood Mac (again) 2 CD
Inspiration - William Hung
Near the Beginning - Vanilla Fudge UK CD expanded
Big Bill Blues - Big Bill Broonzy French Vogue CD
Any favorites on that list?

Lene Lovich - Toy Box ~ The Stiff Years

Great compilation, including both versions of Stateless (both good, hard to pick a favourite), and the two follow up albums: Flex and No Man’s Land along with 12” mixes, EP tracks etc.
Ton’s of excellent quirky New Wave music with excellent sound mastered by Scott Davies of Rubellan.

Elton John - The Lockdown Sessions

About what I expected considering it’s a duets album: a collection of mainly forgettable modern ballads with a lot of processed vocals.
It does pickup a bit towards the end with the Eddie Vedder and Stevie Nicks tracks.
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Donna Summer - I Remember Yesterday

Good album, as much soul as disco. Features one of her biggest hits I Feel Love.
Sound is clear, detailed, but definitely on the thin side. Not sure if that’s the recording or mastering, I may try one more from this series to find out.