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More than happy with the mix, gotta praise the engineer – and here is his own stuff:
yes! 😋 i gave it a quick flick through earlier and it seemed like quite a fun active mix with bits popping up hither and thither. i then developed a headache (hopefully unrelated to the music.. maybe? 🤔) and stepped away from the Atmos for a bit 😅
More than happy with the mix, gotta praise the engineer – and here is his own stuff (totally different genre and vibe):
I like it ,but it's an uneven mix. Track 1 is full blast in all channels, then track 2 is basically a 5.1 mix, and the following tracks are a little on and off with the use of the heights, but it's fun music after all. :cool:
Similarly great mix as the studio stuff, excellent choice for the Recommended Artist column:

Totally overjoyed of having all these beautiful Alicia albums in atmos! I just love this talented girl. ❤️ I hope the mixes are every bit as good as the grammy winning one. Had too many beers tonight to give it a serious listen, but they certainly sounds good in 5.1 late Friday night. I'll try sobriety and atmos tomorow! Good night
New artist--to me, anyway (Wikipedia says she's been around for a decade)--and not normally the kind of thing I'd go for. But she does some nice neo-disco, with alternately funky and soulful arrangements. And an active mix!
Her previous album (which was my introduction), also in Atmos was the start of the neo-disco style, it’s a departure from her other albums. I recall seeing it on various end of year lists in 2020 but not getting around to it until the Atmos mix released.
Here’s the deluxe version with the bonus tracks mixed as well
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