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I think @mkt might have posted this one to the Atmos classical thread, but fans of Jonny Greenwood's film scores (or, for that matter of Reznor & Ross's) will want to check this out. Super immersive. And powerful--turn it up!
Liner notes here:
A shame they didn't include a Blu-Ray with a high-res version of the Atmos mix on their deluxe box set. I'm inferring from the engineering credits in the booklet that the Atmos mix is by Daniel Shores of Sono Luminus records; his own label has released many works by contemporary Icelandic composers. Shores rivals Morten Lindberg in the small circle of classical mixers who really "get" immersive formats.
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Looks like Apple Music did another fake Atmos purge. Nina Simone, gone. Some Who (Meaty Beaty..) tracks some Stones 40 Licks tracks. Lots of Ella Fitzergerald. Some Marving Gaye. Billie Holiday. Journey - Freedom. Billy Idol, I could go on.
I've even noticed some legit mixes that have been removed. For example, *NSYNC - It's Gonna Be Me (don't judge me! :LOL:)
Apple Music says the category jazz but seems like the uncategorizable Andrew Bird
I guess he's at that point in his career where it seemed like a good idea to do an American Songbook album? He convinced some bona fide jazz cats to be his sidemen. I remember the Atmos mix on his last album, Inside Problems, being pretty good.
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