New KC: Jakszyk/Fripp/Collins - The Scarcity Of Miracles on 5.1 DVD-A


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I'm extremely excited about this. Fripp is calling it a King Crimson ProjeKct. With the rhythm section of Tony Levin and Gavin Harrison, I am treating this as new Crimson album. I wonder what it will sound like!

An earlier entry in his diary mentions that they are looking at this May to release it. Along with Lark's Tongues, Starless and Bible Black, the Discipline Trilogy, and Jakko's 5.1 mix of Thrak, this is just getting more and more exciting.
Wow, thanks for these posts, I need to work less and read about my hobby and fav bands more!

Called the tune in a chequered suit...
YAHOO !!!!!

This really sounds good. Gavin Harrison on drums?

Pre ordered today !:smokin
Just ordered - thanks for the heads -up! Really looking forward to this - NEW KC (almost) music - a real treat - still very anxious for the next batch of KC releases (Starless & Larks Tongue) - rumored Sept release - seems too long to wait!
Pre-ordered mine yesterday. ProjeKct or no, I see this as new Crimson. And it comes out the day after I return from a trip out of the country! Even without hearing it I am excited about the fact that it is in surround.
Yes, I got it as well. It has to ship from the UK to the USA so I have no idea how long it will take. I hope someone reviews it as soon as it comes in!
I got a confirmation of shipping yesterday but no disc today :-( Boo Hoo
hopefully Tomorrow as its a bank holiday weekend so next delivery wont be untill Tuesday.
It arrived yesterday and I am impressed with the Surround mix on first listen.
The music was not what I was expecting though I am not sure what that was, No compalints though. will need to listen at greater volume when the kids and neighbors are out before giving it a vote assumeing that this will ahve its own little voting section.
Hmm...thats a bit cryptic. Is the rest like the title track? Good to hear that the surround is well used.

Record Collector Magazine gave the album 4 out of 5 stars. All About Jazz said it was the best album to come from the Fripp camp (Crimson or not) in 30 years.
I suppose yes the sound is closer to the title track, however IMHO the title track is the weakest of the tracks, on first listen. I dont think its as 'commercial' as a King Crimson album if that is also a bit cryptic.
Well - it's made it across the pond and found it's way to merry old Connecticut! First full listen and I'm very happy - will have to dig deeper before I say my peace. Excellent 5.1 lossless mix - very atmospheric - good job by all!