Patricia Barber - Modern Cool coming on Blu-Ray Audio


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The good: what a voice. I could listen to her forever. And the band/music is great in high rez. This is from a "I rarely listen to jazz" guy.
The bad: This is hardly a surround mix. The rears echo/minic the fronts throughout.
Yup. That, too.

It so discouraging when industry professionals do that. Sending out an SOS to SW.
The Blu-Ray smell? Hmm....

LOL... I also noticed that the bluray artwork had a really strong smell. I've never noticed a smell that strong in any other blurary. Hopefully it goes away. I could barely leaf through the artwork as I listened.

Not for me. The stereo track was great but her voice is phantom-imaged in the surround mix and, somehow, interacts poorly with the new center signals.

I am not loving the mix either. Very few discreet sounds in the rears. And, I agree with Kal that the vocal imaging is not great. I found in most tracks the vocals were not anchored perfectly in the middle, rather it was very slightly left of middle. And, in some tracks the vocals came from the very far left. Anyone else notice the same? Unfortunately, I don't remember which tracks were far left. I'll have to listen again to get that info.

I haven't listened to the stereo mix yet either. Will try that.

However... I must say that this recording sounds amazing. The clarity and dynamics are very good. Despite an average surround mix, I am still happy with the purchase.
Enjoying this Bluray alot. I also have the MFSL SACD and its wonderful. It also had a bonus track (The Beatles Fool on the Hill) not found on the Bluray. My wife and I saw Patricia Barber Quartet last night in Chicago at the Green Mill Cafe in Chicago. I got chance to talk with her and told I really liked the bluray. She stated it was alot of fun for her to listen to.

Since I don't have a BD player yet I will keep mine sealed for now. Do you think the strong odor mentioned can harm the disc over time. Perhaps I should open it to air it out.
I can confirm that this disc stinks!!!! :rolleyes:

I like music, mix & SQ though... the mix sounds good to me....
I like the feature where you can hit the "Yellow" button on your Blu-ray remote to switch to Stereo & the "Red" for 5.1... no need for a screen to be on (y)...

It would be nice if they standardised things like that....
Modern Cool soon to be available as 5.1 and Dolby Atmos download via NativeDSD: