Quadios at 20% off or already low price


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20% off through December 30th. If you have a Target Red Card you can get an additional 5% off plus free shipping.
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My happy discovery when I placed my order this morning for both the Joni Mitchell Quadio box set and Quadio Bundle #4 is when I applied the coupon code I received an additional $23.99 discount, scored free shipping/handling and even with tax my order came out to $147.34 which translates into $18.42 per disc!

Furthermore, one doesn't have to wait the requisite 60~90 days before these exclusive RHINO titles reach retailer's shelves.

And best of all, I supported the RHINO STORE directly sans the middle man and they can better gauge how the product sells!
Jefferson Starship "Red Octopus" Quadio is "Sold Out" or temporarily out of stock on the Rhino.com site. But Target still has that one and some of the others at very competitive prices.

I can imagine someone sending an inquiry email to Dr. Rhino asking when "Red Octopus" is expected to be back in stock. And the reply coming back as:

"Thank you for your interest in the item from our Quadio line. Unfortunately sales of this item exceeded our original high-estimates. All of the very limited remaining stock has been allotted to our retail partners. Please check with them, and we appreciate the continued support and interest in this product line." :cry:

This sending shock waves and panic in some of the quad surround immersive collecting community resulting a sharp uptick in sales on all still available Quadio titles. :love: