RIP Klaus Schulze


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If you went to college in the 70s and did drugs and didn't listen to Timewind, you missed sooo much. There is still time though. :)

Time enough for what more Timewind or more drugs?
The only drugs I take now are for high blood pressure not the same thing, I could listen to Timewind after a dose but I doubt it will improve the experience.

Agree about Rheingold above.
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Well on my "senior trip" in the early 70's no one played Timewind that I know of, but I still heard a lot of cool music. I think I've told this before, but I had a fellow Army bud from Cali who had his whole record collection shipped over. A lot was stuff I take for granted now, but it was new to this 19 year.

It's only in the last probably15 or so years that I've really got into electronica, but Shulze & TD are right out in front for me from the old guard, though there are other good ones for sure and more coming along.

As for the drugs, "Does it take a clear mind to take it, or a clear mind not to take it?" -quoting from Running On Empty, of course. In life, phases come and phases go. C'est la vie.
For a few weeks, my radio tribute to KS for Australia's Community Radio Network is here.
Continental Drift on the Community Radio Network — #554 — Tribute to electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze — Broadcast 12 May 2022

I recently grabbed Mike Shrieve's Transfer Station Blue with KS from Bandcamp, and this great photo came with the bundle.

Michael Shrieve, Klaus Schulze and Kevin Shrieve - Transfer Station Blue - 1011899_10151635538...jpg