Rob Reed - Sanctuary 2


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Oh my! Sanctuary is a tough act to follow. I think it was a perfectly conceived and executed homage. But I'm intrigued by this and hope lightning can strike twice.
From the article:
Meanwhile, Reed is finalising a list of guests to appear on his next work, which he expects to release early next year. “I should be able to announce them in the coming weeks,” he says.

Great news!
Mine arrived today! The 5.1 MLP mix is only 48/24 not 96kHz... Still sounds very nice though!
Today I received the disc and the T-shirt, too. I don't know which one I'm glad better for :bounce .
Looking forward to hearing people's comments on this one. I think he's done the impossible and improved on Sanctuary I. Quite a bit, in fact! :)
For me, musically this is a big step up from Sanctuary I. The themes are stronger and naturally developed. The hi-res is astonishing too. In one section, there is a simple marimba playing and the detail you can hear around those simple notes is quite something. It's as if you can hear the bars of the marimba actually moving!
This is a really great disc. The surround sound is fantastic, the music very enjoyable and it's nice to be able play a modern disc all the way through without being bothered by the over-use of compression. The video extras are well worth a watch and reflect Rob's love for this type of music and the people who made it. Even the packaging is a real treat. Highly recommended. :banana:
IMHO after Sanctuary II this style of music should be called as 'oldreed' in progressive rock genre ;) .
Has anyone in Canada got there order of this yet as I did the preorder back in April and nothing here yet.
Before I email them thought I would check here in case others are in same boat as me.