Rush "Hemispheres" (40th Anniversary Box Set with 5.1 Blu-Ray Audio!)


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Oct 31, 2008
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Oh boy, this is looking REALLY good!

Not much is known yet, but this is listed as a 2 CD/3 LP/Blu-Ray Audio 40th Anniversary set for $92.67 right now

Release date is November 16th. Man, I really hope Steven Wilson is involved yet again!


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A potential dream come true for this life-long, formerly die-hard Rush fan. My fandom has cooled some, opening me to many more diverse forms of music appreciation, but my love of Fly By Night through Signals will likely remain strong for the rest of my days. I'm hoping the BD contains a discrete surround mix!
The Blu-Ray Audio content is still unknown at this time, but here's the track listing for CD2:

Disc 2
1. A Passage To Bangkok (Live At Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands/1979)
2. Xanadu (Live At Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands/1979)
3. The Trees (Live At Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands/1979)
4. Cygnus X-1: Book II Hemispheres - The Sphere (A Kind Of Dream) (Live At Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands/1979)
5. Closer To The Heart (Live At Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands/1979)
6. La Villa Strangiato (Live At Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands/1979)
7. In The Mood (Live At Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands/1979)
8. Drum Solo (Live At Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands/1979)
9. Something For Nothing (Live At Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands/1979)
10. 2112 (Live In Arizona/1978)

Also, I added the new cover to the first post. I actually like the new cover.

It's official! From

The Super Deluxe Edition includes two CDs, one exclusive Blu-ray disc, and three high-quality 180-gram black vinyl LPs. The set encompasses the Abbey Road Studios 2015 remastered edition of the album for the first time on CD, along with previously unreleased and newly restored bonus content consisting of the band’s masterful June 1979 Pinkpop Festival performance in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the Pinkpop recording engineer failed to capture the first several minutes of “2112,” so an amazing, unreleased performance of the song during the Hemispheres tour from Tucson, Arizona in November 1978 appears here in its place. The third bonus disc contains audio from the album newly mixed from the original multitracks in 5.1 surround sound on a Blu-ray disc, along with four bonus videos: three shot in 1978 as promo videos, and one of “La Villa Strangiato,” originally shot at Pinkpop with newly restored stereo audio.The Super Deluxe Edition of Hemispheres-40th Anniversary will also include several exclusive items, including a 40-page hardcover book with unreleased photos and new artwork by original album designer Hugh Syme; an extensive, 11,000+-word essay by Rob Bowman; The Words & The Pictures, a replica of the band’s rare 1979 UK tour program; a 24x24-inch wall poster of the newly created Syme art; a Pinkpop Festival replica ticket; a Pinkpop Festival replica cloth VIP sticky pass; and a replica 1978 “Rush” Hemispheres iron-on patch.


Original Album – Produced by Rush and Terry Brown
1. Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres
2. Circumstances
3. The Trees
4. La Villa Strangiato

Live at Pinkpop Festival – June 4, 1979
1. A Passage To Bangkok*
2. Xanadu*
3. The Trees*
4. Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres – The Sphere A Kind Of Dream*
5. Closer To The Heart*
6. La Villa Strangiato*
7. In The Mood*
8. Drum Solo*
9. Something For Nothing*

Live in Arizona – November 20, 1978
10. 2112*

96kHz 24-bit 5.1 Surround Mix
96kHz 24-bit Original Stereo Analog 2015 Remaster
1. Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres*
2. Circumstances*
3. The Trees*
4. La Villa Strangiato*

Bonus Promo Videos
48kHz 24-bit Stereo Only
1. Circumstances (1978 Promo Video)*
2. The Trees (1978 Promo Video)*
3. La Villa Strangiato (1978 Promo Video)*
4. La Villa Strangiato (Live at Pinkpop Festival: June 4, 1979)*

Of course.....the question of the day is...... Steven Wilson?? I bet so....


I'm guessing no...unless this was done before this year...Ryan could speak of this better than I could but SW has been spending most of his time lately on his own work.....from what I have read...again those of us with no turntables will have to "suck it up" again...3 LPs this time....and considering that they have a dedicated 3 LP won't make a lot of people happy with the inclusion of the vinyl to get the blu ray....if it is SW I'm in no matter what extras they include...
I'm jumping on this now... pre-ordered (what the heck... I pre-ordered The White Album as soon as it was posted here and I'm getting it for $128, maybe $92 will turn out to be a good price too!)

Well, the price went up to $150 just a little while ago, so you and I are lucky that we jumped at the $92 price.
It may never be that low again... :oops: