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Oct 18, 2002
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The current issue of Sound & Vision has an extended article on the DVD-A & SACD formats and where they stand today.

In summary, 2002 gave us *some* titles and more mixed messages as to the future. The grades are not A's & B's...

Sure would like to hear any of those purported "March DVD-A major announcements" about now.

1) DVD-Extra (with stereo CD layer) production details will iron out; industry saves itself with a new product that provides more value, backwards compatility with CD players AND security at the same time. Discs will have extras whether anybody wants to look at them or not.

2) Sony will *finally* start making good on it's own product specifications and produce true hybrids instead of hi-rez orphans that people couldn't play on their DVD players. More multi-channel SACD titles will appear but achingly slow.

It's really pretty simple; I want it all now!

Did you also see the article in the front about A HARD DAYS NIGHT? In that piece, it states that there was a REAL 5.1 mix created, and rejected!!! The writer states that he heard it, and it sounded WAY better than the released soundtrack, which got bashed pretty much everywhere.

It's in the front of the mag if you want to check it out.