started listening to vinyl records again, and now having my Quadraphonic system repaired.


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Jul 30, 2022
Northern New Jersey
Hello Everyone,
Thank you for letting me be a member of your forum. After a long absence, I started listening to vinyl records again and am also taking care of having my Quadraphonic system repaired. It has been sitting for a while. For many years I was not using it, it stopped working. At first it was very hard to find anyone that would repair the system. Many technicians told me to throw it away and just get something newer. The system was given to me as a gift many years ago. Even at that time it was given to me, it had some years on it and it was used.

On Monday I will drive from Northern NJ to Northern VA to pick up my repaired system. I should be able to listen to CD-4 records with the Dual turntable, and decoder, and the SQA-2 adapter module on the bottom of the Marantz 4400, should allow me to listen to the SQ records.

I would be interested in what is available to record Quadraphonic now other than a Teac 3340. Although they are very nice reel to reel recorders, I think I will go an analog to digital route.
For many years I have gotten used to the sounds of CD's and MP3's. But, for the price point at which I am working at, I think the vinyl records sound much better over those digital formats. I am hoping I can find some digital storage means that would reproduce the Quad sound and not have a good quality sound.

I look forward to years of listening enjoyment as well as good conversation here in the Forum.
Welcome in, I've got an old Teac A-2340 deck I rarely use anymore.

Currently using a MOTU interface for conversions, and store on large SSDs.

An Involve Surround Master works great for SQ, QS decoding/conversions.

Best of luck on the gear repairs, I'm dealing with issues with some old 70's gear myself right now. A Marantz CD-400B, and a Sansui QRX-8001 giving me some hum.

An incredible amount of information here on the forum, get comfy and dig in.