Quad LP/Tape Poll Stevens, Cat: Teaser And The Firecat[Q8]


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My favorite Cat album, from the fall of '71...:sun


1. The Wind
2. Rubylove
3. If I Laugh
4. Changes IV
5. How Can I Tell You


1. Tuesday's Dead
2. Morning Has Broken
3. Bitterblue
4. Moonshadow
5. Peace Train

ED :)
IMO, this tape sounds great, good fidelity, and a different mix that the stereo version (duh). It's not the most aggresive mix I've heard, but it's definitly better than the stereo mix (obvioulsy, as are all quad mixes). Bitterblue and Peace Train sound great.
Probably my favorite and most overplayed album ever. My opinion was this was Cat or Yusuf at his very best. The
It would be nice to hear this mix from a reel to reel source rather than via a Q8..

a great album with a good quad mix...which was much better than tea for the tillerman ...which was a great album with a double stereo shocking quad mix..
Does he own his own copyright? Came through 'Island records' in the UK but 'A&M' in the US

Maybe another artist that D-V could talk to.....
I recently won a copy of this tape in a lot with Foreigner. Was really only going for Foreigner, but there's definitely nothing wrong with a bonus Q8 in my book :)

I remember reading a while back that both this album and Tea For The Tillerman were seemingly fake quad, so I decided to record it in anyway and see for myself. The sonics weren't particularly impressive at first, though some quick NR work in audacity brought out decent sound.

The results remind me a lot of the Steely Dan Pretzel Logic quad mix: it sort of sounds different than the stereo LP (which I do have a used copy of, but I'm not intimately familiar with the music), but when you start isolating channels it doesn't seem like there are any discrete elements. This approach aggravated me on Pretzel Logic because that album is so layered, but given the sparser arrangements here it's not totally awful.

Still, I feel despite the sparse instrumentation there was some potential here for discrete placement of elements such as backing/doubled vocals, handclaps, and some other accent parts. Hell, they could've put the dry lead vocal in the front and isolated the acoustic guitar in the rears (this might sound ridiculous but it's actually done several times in the Poco Cantamos quad and it really works IMO- listen to the opening of "Bitter Blue" or "Whatever Happened To Your Smile"). But I have no idea what's on the multis or what the actual intent was...

As it is, it's sort of an interesting listen- can't really tell if it's fake or not, but if not it's quite conservative. The waveforms show it's definitely not straight-up double stereo. Running the stereo LP through a DSP might yield similar or possibly better results.
This album would rate second to only to "Tea For The Tillerman". Content wise it contains many hits and geat album tracks. I do also find this mix a bit conservative but definitely not double stereo. It lacks much of the sometimes excessive reverb of both Teaser and "Catch Bull at Four". That will make many happy but personally I grew to love the reverb drenched tracks of those other two releases.

I would love to hear this in a modern format. Without the sonic restraints of the Q8 tape, I would most likely score it a nine. For this release I'm voting eight.
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