The SDE Surround Sound Series (Updated list of titles with links in post #1)


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I thought he basically answered that with this quote:

Like I said in the interview, the Def Leppard album marks the first time they're backtracking to cover an older title--so who's to say they won't end up eventually doing the Tori Amos album?
I would guess that promotion on the part of the record companies for SDE releases is next to irrelevant. Radio sold records. The Atmos streams should also be able to sell blurays. If we tell them what we want to buy, they should believe us.
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An observation on the series so far. I don’t think any music ‘series’ has been as diverse or eclectic as the SDE surround sound, so much so that you’d have to be a completist to buy them all.
From the little I know if Paul, he’s a child of the 80’s uk pop music so I’d guess that we will se more of these uk pop 80s releases and the outliers will be other genres driven by record company co-promotions. Just my hunch
Is there a list of all the titles, and can it be added to the first post? Somebody mentioned Hormonally Yours on the other forum, and I completely forgot about that one.
With thread starter @privateuniverse 's blessing, I've added a table to the first post of this thread with a chronological list of the SDE Surround Sound Series releases that I that collects most, if not all, of the relevant information resources about each release, with links to QQ pre-release and poll threads, SDE shop order pages, and the discogs page for each release.

It's missing a few bits (mostly pressing numbers where I couldn't find them, and it seems a few releases didn't have any dedicated threads) so if you have anything that can be added, or constructive criticism about the layout please let me know.

@steelydave - One correction for the table. The first release in the series (Tears For Fears' The Tipping Point) the first pressing was a run of 2,000 but due to an unexpected and overwhelming demand, SDE did a second run of 2,500 copies. So the total would be 4,500.
So pleased for both Tears For Fears and everyone at SDE ;)
Have you seen the tracklist of the second album's blu ray? It covers much of their final album's tracklist.
Many thanks for mentioning this.....

From all the bonus tracks on both discs I can create 7 of the 8 tracks from the third album (Music from the Edge of Heaven), except for 'A Different Corner'.
According to the SDE shop site, the first two Wham! album releases have sold out. How about releasing their third (final) album too, to complete the set?
Isn't it odd that something is sold out before it's even pressed? If demand was that good, couldn't they just change their order to make a few hundred (or thousand) more? Wouldn't it make them more $$?
How long do you suggest they keep the pre-order time open for?
For this one, there was indeed a 'window' allowing for pre-orders. So as such "Sold Out" does not really apply. It's rather "pre-order closed" or something like that.
The Pet Shop Boys or Mark Knopfler BluRays are limited editions and can indeed sell out eventually. Personally, I would not begrude an artist if they choose to increase the number when demand turns out to be overwhelming. But then there are people who only buy limited editions because they are limited and these people tend to be really pissed off when a 2nd batch is added.