Turntable capacitance


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Dec 15, 2017
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Hi All, just getting set up still, but I have been reading this forum since I got a Dynaco Quadaptor thrown into a deal, and discovered that I want all 4 of my ears be catered to musically.
I got my Sony SQD 2050 awhile ago and have been enjoying matrix, and have recently finally gotten ahold of a CD 4 decoder for a price I was willing to pay. I haven't tested it yet, as I had to get a cartridge to do the job (tick) and fix up a turntable for said cartridge, since my main TT is a linear.
Yesterday I got my Technics SL1300 fixed up (have had it for 35 years, but broke a couple of the tonearm wires while redoing the damping fluid).
So now, before I plug it all in, I was curious about turntable capacitance...
How do I measure it, and what numbers will get me functional (to confirm the Pioneer QD 240 is working) and what numbers are optimal, for best performance?
I have a reasonable auto ranging DMM, and a couple other measuring tools, just cheap stuff.
I did search the forums for this subject, but most are pretty old, and I wanted to avoid necro posting.
Thanks Kirk! That actually looks pretty interesting...but I tried a test I saw on AK where you apply leads to the RCA pin and shield, with the headshell leads removed from the cartridge, and measure with the DMM set to capacitance and I got 0.05 nF for each RCA connector, so I think I'm sitting on 100pF, which I gather is standard...so I'm gonna try setting up the CD4 demodulator, and if it doesn't work then it's not the turntable.