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Hi all As a relatively new member id like to ask if there are many QQ members from the UK …Im based in London UK and many here are US or Australian based it seems. Be interested to see what quad collectors there are here. It is seen as a quaint hobby in the UK i suspect. How international is QQ ?
I believe US rules followed by the UK, but there are active QQ members from Mexico, Germany, France, Norway and Spain, at least that I can recall. It would be nice to have a map with the location of the members.
Bedford UK here. Have SQ vinyl with a few QS. Plus DTS audio, DVD Audio, SACD, Blu Ray Audio and some Dolby Surround. Involve audio SQ development kit with Sony 3500 for vintage formats with Tannoy speakers in 4.0 configuration. Yamaha 1030 receiver with Sony 800 blu ray player and Monitor Audio Silver in 5.0 configuration for digital formats. Don’t like subs for music and still not convinced Atmos adds to music. Best surround recording for me is Pink Floyd Animals. I started with quad in 1974 with Sony 2010 decoder and still have some of my vinyl from then but replaced most with digital formats as they came available. Not happy with availability of surround media in UK.