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Apr 23, 2013
Central Illinois
USA, Lower 48 only - Paypal. All prices do NOT include shipping. We'll figure that out later.

CYAN - For King and Country (used, perfect) $14 PENDING

Tim Bowness - Lost In The Ghost Light (used, excellent) $15 PENDING

Blackfield - V (used, excellent) $30 PENDING

Chimpan A - The Empathy Machine (new, unopened) $13 PENDING

Crosby-Nash - Another Stoney Evening (used, very good) $18

Transatlantic - The Absolute Universe 5.1 (NEW, never opened) Now only $12!!

Marillion - An Hour Before It's Dark (near mint, perfect) $11

Jakko Jakszyk - Secrets & Lies (used, perfect) $10

Parsons Thibaud - More Transcontinental Voices (used, excellent) DVD Audio Quad $12 HiRez Poll - Parsons Thibaud - MORE TRANSCONTINENTAL VOICES [DVD-A]
Parsons Thibaud - Transcontinental Voices (used, excellent) DVD Audio Quad $12 HiRez Poll - Parsons Thibaud - TRANSCONTINENTAL VOICES [DVD-A]
White Light Rockestra - Space Rock (used, excellent) DVD Audio Quad $12 White Light Orchestra - Space Rock Across The Universe (QuadroSurround DVD-A)
Frank Valdor - Fantastic Golden Latin Hits (used, excellent) DVD Audio Quad $12 Frank Valdor's "Fantastic Golden Hits" (QuadroSurround DVD-A)

KIAMA - SIGN OF IV (used, excellent) $11

Robert Reed - Sanctuary (used, excellent) $18

Robert Reed - Sanctuary II (used, excellent) $18

Fire Garden - Far And Near (used, excellent) $24
A few comments on this title. Outstanding progressive rock, mixed by Bruce Soord. Out of print physical copy, though you can buy a flac download of the 5.1 for cheap.

Anathema - Distant Satellites (used, excellent) $8

Bon Jovi - Bounce (used, good) Disc is perfect, case has some shelf wear... $12

Jessica Simpson - In This Skin (never opened, yet, back case is cracked) $8

Queen - A Night At The Opera (used, good, lots of shelf wear, disc perfect) This is the second edition, co-produced by Brian May. Not the unmolested First Edition Scheiner mix ($24)

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells (used, very good) $18

PORCUPINE TREE - THE INCIDENT (brand new, unopened) $60

STYX - The Mission (used, very good, discs perfect) $25
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Jan 9, 2013
Bump! Lowered price on a couple. Come on, you bargain shoppers. lol
Ah, heck, Gene, NOW that you've twisted my arm I'll take

Secondary, 5 of 8

Will PM you. Many thanks! Always GOOD to have a physical back~up copy especially one mixed into 5.1 by Elliot Scheiner and mastered by Bob Ludwig!


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Feb 18, 2012
If some of you have never heard of Tipper - Surrounded, I recommend it for both music and surround!
Seconded. As it's early century surround, it's a bit madly panning (it was created specially for 5.1 DVDA), but overall very good.