What concert are you watching? (ALL Formats, DVD-V, BD..maybe LDs too)


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The Old Grey Whistle Test Complete Collection 3 DVD box set
War of the worlds stage show; 5.1 mix is 10/10. DTS; ABSOLUTELY IMMENSE!
Led Zep - Celebration Day (for the first time the other day) :yikes
WHOA REALLY???, this is a CLASSIC!!!
I think it's absolutely amazing...I especially love Jonesy's smirk all throughout the gig....and JASONNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

I have the DVD, since the BD is 48/24 I didn't bother getting it...
whew!...Clapton Crossroads 2007 dvd...the Steve Winwood set was worth it alone!! AWESOME. i haven't heard of Robert Randolph..but they are incredible..too bad it was only one song. skipped Vince Gill stuff but LOVE the rest. great 4 hours!...PQ with Darbee is killer good and AQ excellent as well...

thanks fredblue for giving this a (y) i obviously agree!

WOW....i'm blown away with what i am watching...not the best audio of course but seeing them so young is something quite special. got it super cheap and only for the 'original' concert footage...gotta be the coolest video i own...

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I think you'd be blown away by the Laserdisc edition!!!
The concert disc from the Lynyrd Skynryd DVD-A set released a couple of years back.
Taped for the Old Grey Whistle Test TV Show.
Under an hour long.
Van Zandt is less than mesmerising, not sure if he was out of it, or if that was just his style.
Didn't realize Allen Collins played the bulk of the lead, thought he shared with Rossington. The latter appeared to be playing mainly rhythm