What concert are you watching? (ALL Formats, DVD-V, BD..maybe LDs too)


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Steve Hackett - Foxtrot at Fifty + Hackett Highlights
I’m on a two-week vacation and the only goal is to cram in as much music as possible... listening, watching, reading, playing.

Part of that is to pull one thing from the pile of unwatched concerts each day.

Frost* Island Live was up first and the music was stunning. If I actually had any talent on the instruments in this house, this is the band I would love to be in.

I'm watching the concert DVD included in the boxset version of the brand new album by Magnum, the concert is also on 2 CDs in the box, it was recorded at KK's Steel Mill in Wolverhampton UK on December 10th 2022 just a few days after I saw them in Cardiff, a really good concert, just a shame it's only DVD quality.