Quad LP/Tape Poll Winter, Edgar, Group: The Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer [SQ/Q8]

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Apr 21, 2002
Toronto, ON
The Edgar Winter Group's somewhat confusingly-titled swan song (and final quad release) issued in November 1975 on both SQ LP and Q8.


Blue Sky PZQ 33798 [SQ LP] ZAQ 33798 [Dolby Q8]
Discogs links: LP / Q8

Not explicitly credited as such (just "mixed by") but probably mixed for quad by Carmine Rubino.

Side 1:
  1. Cool Dance
  2. People Music
  3. Good Shot
  4. Nothin' Comes Easy
  5. Infinite Peace in Rhythm
  6. Paradise / Sides
Side 2:
  1. Diamond Eyes
  2. Modern Love
  3. Let's Do it Together Again
  4. Can't Tell One From the Other
  5. J.A.P. (Just Another Punk)
  6. Chainsaw


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Mar 30, 2009
London, England
oh Dave you're on a roll! 🥳
you've resurrected yet another of my all-time favourite old Quads with a Poll! 🤗 🤩

stylistically, just as with the EWG's previous offerings, it is musically all over the shop with full-on rockers, sentimental ballads, funky fluff and the odd bit of transcendental and instrumental weirdness just to remind you Edgar's in the house!

various band members step up to the microphone to take on lead vocal duties as the material befits and there are some great songs here ("Paradise/Sides" and "Diamond Eyes" are to me as good as anything Rick Derringer or the Edgar Winter Group did) amidst some total nonsense like "Can't Tell One From The Other" which is really throwaway! i totally love this one from start to finish!! its eclectic and decadent and sometimes silly, come on its the mid-70's! grab your flares out the closet and get into the groove, man! :smokin

"infinite peace in rhythm" - bonk bonk - "its there for you and me"... i mean how fabulously daft is that!! come on!! come onnnn!!! 😍

the Quad mix is real super CBS mega discrete-o-matic surround with stuff popping up everywhere (check out those diagonally-panned call and response vocals in Front Left and Rear Right in "Good Shot".. WOOO!!!! that's the good stuff!) and there's even an instance of silent Rear channel syndrome on one track ("Sides") to really make your SQ decoders go loopy!

this is such an active mix the Q8 is really only the way to do the mix justice imho, my old tape was a bit dull but give it a bit of EQ and crank it up and its a total hoot!

please please Dutton Vocalion consider releasing this hidden gem on Surround SACD someday!! 🙏

an instant replay "10".