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Well, if they can release Blur, then let's release some US music...like....Weezer!
Right on!
New album The Ballad of Darren by Blur is slated for release on July 21 as a BD-A edition with an Atmos mix by David Wrench. It's already available for pre-order via SDE, but it's not a part of their Surround Sound Series.
As it’s not part of the SDE Surround series, can we expect it to be available from other retailers as well (sounds like SDE will have the early release, but later released elsewhere?), like Everything But The Girl : Fuse ?
Likely, but not entirely -- here's what @PaulatSDE had to say at the SDE site:
This release is not part of the SDE Surround Series but Parlophone are giving SDE readers an exclusive 48 hour head start to acquire a copy. Also they are choosing to package it like the SDE ones, which is nice :) I really don’t know where else it may become available although my understanding is that it won’t be anywhere in north America.
Furthermore, a bit of info regarding the content:
Content is entirely the decision of the label/band. I was not consulted and had no influence, I’m afraid.
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Several new releases added:

TesseracT got Bruce Soord to mix their 5th album both in 5.1&Atmos and Steve Hackett returns with yet another concert video with 5.1 mix (both titles are due on September 15).
As of today you can download another Atmos album via IAA, this time Evolution of Joy by Jackie Venson. More info available in the 1st post of this thread.

Then, for now in the 2nd post here, there are two titles with multichannel content yet to be fully confirmed. Both are SACDs on the evo88 label: The Raven by Rebecca Pidgeon was originally released by Chesky in 2007, additionally Love Ya is the fifth album from the British-born Filipina singer/songwriter Chlara.