TesseracT - War of Being (Bruce Soord 5.1 & Dolby Atmos mixes coming in September 2023; BD-V / Deluxe)


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Aug 2, 2008
New album by TesseracT is up for pre-order via Burning Shed both as a standalone BD-V and deluxe edition (CD+DVD-V+BD-V, limited to 1500 copies worldwide).

5.1 (dts-HD) and Atmos mixes are done by Bruce Soord, who has mixed the band‘s 2015 album Polaris in 5.1.
TesseracT has also released live-in-studio EP Concealing Fate in 5.1 in 2011.

Release date is September 15.

Kscope bio: On this, their fifth studio album, British prog-metal pioneers TesseracT return with a career-high release that is their most conceptual, dynamic and sonically intricate to date.

The story revolves around an inter-dimensional journey undertaken by two characters (ex and el), within The Strangeland, a world made to reflect the socio-economic state of our own.

Musically, sprawling atmospherics, impassioned Daniel Tompkins vocal performances and atom bomb level heavy riffs combine for a truly unique sound.

Acle Kahney, Daniel Tompkins, Amos Williams, Jay Postones, and James Monteith recorded the album at Middle Farm Studios in the UK. The record was co-produced and engineered by the band and Peter Miles along with his long-time collaborator Katherine Marsh of Choir Noir. Assisting with additional programming and production, the band were joined by Randy Slaugh.

Blu-ray edition includes:

Dolby Atmos mix of War of Being by Bruce Soord
Hi-res stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes
‘The Journey Of Being’ - 40 minute making of War Of Being documentary
‘The Strangeland’ - an introduction to the characters of War Of Being
Full length ‘War Of Being’ promo clip
‘The Strangeland’ Collector’s 3 Disc Edition includes 68 page hardback book
1. Natural Disaster (Dolby Atmos/5.1/Hi-res Stereo) [6:06]
2. Echoes (Dolby Atmos/5.1/Hi-res Stereo) [5:46]
3. The Grey (Dolby Atmos/5.1/Hi-res Stereo) [6:07]
4. Legion (Dolby Atmos/5.1/Hi-res Stereo) [6:00]
5. Tender (Dolby Atmos/5.1/Hi-res Stereo) [4:37]
6. War Of Being (Dolby Atmos/5.1/Hi-res Stereo) [11:02]
7. Sirens (Dolby Atmos/5.1/Hi-res Stereo) [4:57]
8. Burden (Dolby Atmos/5.1/Hi-res Stereo) [6:34]
9. Sacrifice (Dolby Atmos/5.1/Hi-res Stereo) [9:34] Total playing time: 60:43
10. War Of Being (Music Video) [10:59]
11. The Strangeland (Introduction Video) [9:21]
12. The Journey of Being (Documentary Film) [40:20]
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