A Bad Think coming soon in Atmos--new release: LifeLike

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Aug 2, 2018
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Immersive Audio now have 5.1 FLAC and ATMOS downloads available:

Lifelike - A Bad Think (Atmos & 5.1 FLAC Download) (immersiveaudioalbum.com)
While I appreciate the appropriately placed credit given to Bob Clearmountain, the link tells us that Dave Way and Steve Genewick(@Steve G)were also involved in mixing the album. I’m not familiar with Dave Way’s body of work but we at QQ all know that Steve Genewick has well developed surround mixing chops.

Edit: Dave Way is a four time Grammy winner with an A list resume as long as your arm. He has a professional home studio where he also does Atmos mixes.

It looks like the A Bad Think mixing team is more than an embarrassment of riches.
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Mar 8, 2015
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This release has a very good 5.1 and Atmos mix.
I would say, on balance, it is not as strong as Savior, in its content but it is still very good .
I'm happy with the 17 English pounds it cost me for the download.
Well, I say happy, naturally it still hurts my precious wallet... :D


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Mar 17, 2019
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I DL this album. Is it just me or is volume low like Tidal? I mean really low.
Dolby streams can have a "Dialog Normalization" / offset, and a receiver will use this to adjust the level / loudness.
If I play a Dolby Atmos track from Tidal, Netflix, etc on a streaming device (example Firestick), it doesn't allow you to turn off and ignore this offset.

But if I play the file locally from a desktop (example Windows) and send the stream to the receiver, it would show the Offset on my receiver (Denon/Marantz).


And it allows me to turn off / ignore that Offset.
On a Denon/Marantz receiver, it's in the Audio --> Surround Parameter, and I can turn off the Loudness Management.

Note: This option/setting will only appear while the bitstream is playing.


And regarding the Tidal low volume issue -- the problem is twofold:
(1) The Atmos songs have this extreme Offset / Dialog Normalization ( -14dB in this example)
(2) When the bitstream is sent to the receiver from the streaming device (example Firestick), it seems this setting is lost/hidden ( i.e. the streaming device already took the offset into account), so you cannot turn it off on the receiver at all.
The same thing applies to other apps ( like Netflix ), except the offset on the Netflix streams is not as extreme ( for example it can be -4dB, not -14dB).