Action Figures & Other Memorabilia (Multichannel Artists only)


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I ain't got any Rock action figures but I do have my signed Tour Book/posters/postcards...
Of course, good ole KC on the left from last year's tour and TFF's from a few years back (I've never seen them in concert, I got this from their website which was in a"blow out" sale quite cheap, REALLY nice gold and blue-my favorite colors- poster)

..and one I have to straighten soon... ARW/Yes from their 2018 Denver Concert, an almost invisible but I can assure you it's there autograph from Adrian Belew, with quite visible scribbles from Steven Wilson, Ian Anderson and Colin Moulding...

One of my other interests is anime, & I hang around with some pretty dedicated otaku. If you know the type they are heavy into collectibles. That you might expect. But I did not expect there to be so much in the way of music oriented collectibles. This thread has been big fun & congratulations to all with so much amazing stuff!
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Hey! I just remembered I have both an anime & music collectible! From the anime series Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad:

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This isn't my pic but I have the same set. Un-opened of course! It's a collection of all the guitars used in the series.

You the Anime Man! I seem to recollect the dvd having a decent surround mix (albeit only on the English dub, and i know you're a purist). If i can rouse myself, i'll try and revisit it--i do remember digging the series! Stay Surrounded, Comrade!
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