ALL ABOUT MUSIC #2 - Non Surround, Not Covered In Other Threads


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Quad Linda

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Jun 3, 2011
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The previous thread, called ALL ABOUT MUSIC was begun by and an idea from the creative mind of our member "Clint Eastwood." Since the response was overwhelming, it's time to start a new thread. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE TO POST IN THE PREVIOUS THREAD, KINDLY USE THIS NEW ONE. To read older posts, here is a link to the original thread:

Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation in using this new thread!
Quad Linda, Forum Moderator
Special thanks to Quad Linda for her help on this thread and also for her many contributions...

In case someone missed the last post on the old thread let me re-post was a new CD set(3 discs)from Eric date is Tues..
I just thought it was time to have a little fun...this time at the expense of that "other" know the one that thinks surround music is evil and stereo is the only way civilized people listen to music....anyway...probably an indication of some people having too much time on their hands...and the scary part is that most of these responses are sincere....take a few minutes and read the responses...I'm sure you will find at least one that will make you least smile...and keep in mind before you read these "mensa" type responses that Hoffman is 61...okay...on to the fun HERE
OK this is a big stretch for a topic on this thread...but I plan on listening to some Spanish music.......once I get to Santiago Chile Sunday morning. Just saying. Headed there on business and I hope to be able to keep posting while I'm there my friends.

So, here is some Gipsy Kings - one of my favorite bands.....

Holy Cow! Haven't heard this song for a long time....

Wow! Another shocker song from the past.....I seriously haven't heard this song since the 70's. Didn't know Paul Anka sang it....

Billy Joe Royal may have been the first one to have a hit with Hush, BUT here it is by it's author, Joe South:

I STRONGLY recommend QQ'ers investigate one of the many "Best of" packages by Joe South. I bought the Rhino CD, now OOP. Billy Joe Royal took this one to #14, but here's South's version of I Knew You When:
Here's the author's version of Rose Garden:
Easily half of its' tracks were a hit for South or for someone who covered them:

1 Games People Play
2 All My Hard Times
3 Rose Garden
4 Mirror Of Your Mind
5 Don't Throw Your Love To The Wind
6 The Greatest Love
7 These Are Not My People
8 Bird Of A Feather
9 Gabriel
10 Hush
11 Untie Me
12 Party People
13 Leanin' On You
14 I Knew You When
15 Walk A Mile In My Shoes
16 Shelter
17 Children
18 Don't It Make You Want To Go Home
19 Down In The Boondocks
20 Fool Me

Of the three Hush's mentioned, all of which are in my collection, IMHO, South's is the best.

I still have my old Tetragrammaton US 45 of DP's Hush:
Speaking of early Deep Purple, I picked up this excellent UK CD box several years ago with all the early tracks, including Hush: 71Otb89oNbL-1._SL500_SY300_.jpg

I also have a similar box with Who Do We Think We Are, Come Taste the Band and Stormbringer. They also suckered me in for the 4 CD US retrospective box, and the UK Machine Head box.

Beware of Tetragrammaton CD's & LP's of the early Deep Purple albums. Most pressings in circulation on LP and most, perhaps ALL CD's with the US cover are counterfeits! Purple cover in box set pictured above is UK cover. US Tetragrammaton cover: